Sweet Summer Time


July 2, 2020

We had our last (scheduled) doctor visit with Otto for hopefully the rest of the summer and are looking forward to enjoying this time together as a family. Especially this weekend.  We had our final followup with our cardiologist and got the go ahead to go back to daycare and to work starting on Tuesday.

My heart is really heavy. I’m nervous, I’m anxious and I’m really scared. I’m not only scared of the potential harm of the coronavirus but I’m scared of losing everything we worked really hard to build over quarantine. We became even closer as a family, got to watch Otto learn and grow 24/7 and got used to being just our little team.

We have built and worked on so many things around the farm and have had the blessing of slowly easing back into life. Until we got the go ahead Joe and I have been alternating days at the office while the other stayed home with Otto.

Lake Macatawa Window on the Waterfront

It is going to be a really hard adjustment. One that I am just not looking forward to. I know deep down that Otto will be happy to be playing with children his own age but I am going to miss the spotinatity of taking a walk to the water to go look for turtles or stopping into our local bookstore to see if they have any new mickey books or magazines we need.

There were elements of quarantine that remind me of what post heart surgery looked like with Otto. When you are in it, it’s a nightmare. It doesn’t seem like anything will ever be good again. But once you start creeping into the other side you remember elements that you miss. I remember Joe and I watching hours and hours of shark tank when Otto would just sleep in our arms at the hospital and every time shark tank comes on, I remember that feeling of safety.

I am going to miss the moments after dinner where Otto and I would read together after supper, our 1pm nap walks and just letting him wake up and play with kitties all day. There are elements that are so good and I will remember fondly.

As we go back in to daily life (with adjustment and caution) Joe and I said we are still going to be really cognizant of the changes we enjoyed over quarantine. Home at a reasonable hour, walks after dinner, time in the garden, time to be quiet.

What are you clinging to as your life continues to ebb and flow?

Toddler Date Day

Outfit Details
Shorts: Sezane 
Top: Jcrew 
Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

Jcrew Oyster Salmon color sweatshirt Sezane Floral Shorts Looking for Turtles at Lake Macatawa

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  1. Niki says:

    These are the best days of your life ❤️

  2. Terra Scholz says:

    Your blog is lovely .. as a senior who has no grandchildren, I have gotten attached to Otto and you. You remind me of a dear friend from long ago. She is a chef with beautiful and unique taste in art, clothing and furnishings. She was from Michigan and you share the same little hint of a regional accent. So pretty both of you.. red hair. She had a little boy Max and I had a girl, Alex.
    You remind me of the best part of my life .. and Otto is the best parts of all my favorite children wrapped up into one. He makes me so happy!
    He is so aware and he is continually delighted by all the wonders big or tiny. He is getting a charming sense of humor hopefully just like yours.
    You’ve witnessed some miracles Abby…from the sublime to the Levi. Thank you, sweet girl, for capturing them on video as they happen. That’s incredibly special. You and Otto make my day on a regular basis.
    I’m Terra from FocusPlusPlanet on IG. Before the plaque, I tutored children in the afternoon. I miss them.
    So I’m trying to do collage art to stay creative but I am mostly distracted by the cry for social justice..and have been since I was a child.
    You are a bit of peace in these turbulent times.
    May the Spirit Shine Upon You.
    Miss Terra

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