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January 26, 2021

Around this farm I live in my aprons, every time I forget to put one on I always end up with olive oil splashed up the front of me. In the summer I wear them straight out to the garden to gather veggies and herbs for dinner. I also keep them on straight through dinner (when it’s just joe and I) and then after for cleanup. A good durable apron is worth its weight in gold. I love the look and feel of linen, not to mention the durability. However, Linen can get expensive. Some of my favorite aprons are from Not Perfect Linen but are priced anywhere from $40-$75 dollars. I went on a search for some budget linen aprons and found some that measured up for what I needed them for.

When I shop for a linen apron I look for coverage (has to go high because I spill on everything). I also look for durable material that can stand up to multiple washes. I put very few things into the dryer so all of my linen aprons I line dry including these. These budget linen aprons from amazon are mostly linen blend but had a very similar feel and texture to my 100% linen options hanging in my kitchen.

The thing I like about these budget linen apron options from amazon is they are no tie (well two of the three are). they are criss cross pinafore style so you won’t be coming untied as you move about the kitchen. That is my pet peeve when I’m right in the middle of something and my apron strings are dragging on the ground.

Linen Style Apron from Amazon

Option 1: Cross back Linen Blend Pinafore Apron from Amazon $18.98 

Of the three keepers of budget linen aprons this one was my favorite. I like that it closed in the back via tie. For the most part when tied in a bow it stayed put. I liked the high neck and deep pockets.

Budget Linen Apron from amazon

Option 2: Vintage Style Cross Pinafore Apron from Amazon $15.98

I liked this black mineral wash color of the apron. It is no tie and easy to slip on once you figure out where your head goes. It is tighter on the bust (at least for me) than what the amazon photo shoes but I still kept it because of the full coverage and no ties.

budget linen apron

Option 3: Garden Pinafore Linen Blend Apron from Amazon $16.98

This apron was the most forgiving in the bust area. I like the deep pockets and the fun minty green color. I might be ordering more of these to keep in my garden shed for last minute spur of the moment flower cutting before work. I can’t tell you how many times I had to spot scrub garden dirt off my clothes.

Linen aprons on a budget

When looking for budget linen aprons make sure you read the reviews. For size reference I am 170lbs and 5’4.

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Inexpensive linen apron Linen Apron under twenty dollars

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  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing these. I love aprons and they remind me of my grandmother. (You are not old enough to be a grandmother). I wear a favorite one when I am cooking that says, “you can help me by getting out of my kitchen.” They are so handy and definitely keep your clothes neat and tidy without oil and food stains.
    I am old enough to be your mother, but I love your blog, Instagram, etc. You and Otto always make me smile.
    Have a great day!!

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