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September 21, 2016

so last weekend i really wanted to get a few projects done but you know what i’ll settle for at least one when it’s this gorgeous out towards the end of summer. i picked a somewhat tedious but easy one with the bedroom ceiling at the cottage. if you  recall way way back in the day (like 2011) this room was actually divided into two bedrooms one was with just bunk beds. we ripped all that out, ripped out the drop ceiling, ripped out the electrical and cleaned it all up. i really wanted to make it work with the beams but it just didn’t. we needed to insulate in between floors and the wood wasn’t 100% perfect and it would have needed a few patches and repairs. so we decided to hang the same shiplap ceiling that we hung in the kitchen area.


my dad came and helped us hang this and it seriously went up in about 3 hours. it cost about $300 in materials (insulation and wood). i think it really really cleans up the room. i loved the look of the natural wood but we are going to eventually put in wood floors and  it would just be too much so i decided to paint it the same white as the walls just like what we did in the living room. 

i’m loving the way it turned out! it really adds to the finished look of the room. it’s a lot of texture but we are doing a very simple trim (coming soon) and which brings us closer to the finish line! what do you think? i was a little nervous about using all white but the house is so small painting it all the same color white makes it look so much more open (that is until i fill it up with crap).

we’ve been working our tails off this summer at the cottage and i have a feeling our construction days are coming to an end! we are going to have the stairs of death ripped out this winter and rebuilt (they are about 4 inches deep and uneven) that will really help us pass code and make it more into a real house!

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