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September 16, 2016

i could kiss the ground today. this week has been jam packed and when i say jam packed i mean as tight as you could jam all the jelly in the world into a jar. as tight as all the cars on 131 south can fit at 8:00 monday morning. jam packed. thank God it’s finally finally friday. every day and night it was something. golf outing(s), classes, work etc. needless to say.. thank God it’s friday. oh wait I already said that.

so what is on the agenda for today? well my day is gym>work>market for lunch>work>pentwater.


we are hopefully going to make it to pentwater for a good chunk of this weekend. I really really want to get that bedroom ceiling painted and maybe even trimmed. that would almost be our first room completed. we decided we are going to rip out the stairs and have them rebuilt. right now they are all uneven and about 4 inches deep. they would come out about a foot into the living room but it will be worth it to have safe steps. not to mention make that upstairs loft a little more functional.

so with the exception of moving the steps that downstairs bedroom would be finished. which is pretty exciting. oh wait, it still needs a door. but we’ll get to that later. i’d be happy with paint trim and then eventually flooring.

i don’t think it will take me long to paint the ceiling so i was thinking about maybe painting the deck. i keep going back and forth on color. i wish i could just redo it with some natural wood. i tried stripping it but that didn’t work too well so painting it is. now just what color. i was thinking maybe something super dark and black or going with a light gray. thoughts? all color suggestions welcome.

pentwater 6

other than that we’ll be around home working on the farm but you know, in a fun leisurely way.

have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Brenda says:

    I’d do a pop of color. I love red! Have fun

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