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the posts in the penthouse cottage are going to drive me insane. basically it’s just ugly wood holding up the ceiling. i guess i shouldn’t hate too hard holding up the ceiling is a big deal. we looked at how much it would cost to move them to the outer edges of the house. yea […]

pentwater posts


ok so the first coat of paint is on and we of course have to fix the ceiling and add some trim but we… have no lights in this room other than the two lamps from target (that still have the tags on them). also please do not mind the pile of laundry on the […]

pentwater bedroom lighting

Farm & Garden

last weekend we went to spend our anniversary weekend in pentwater with all these plans to go to traverse city and what not. however we ended up staying around town and hanging out with friends and actually getting a little work done around the cottage. we only have a few more pieces of panel to […]

pentwater progress

Farm & Garden

there are just some projects in pentwater that we decided was out of our comfort zone. anything structural -> out of comfort zone. we have been plugging away installing wall panels and have been stuck at this point for about a year. we finally just decided stop monkeying around with it and pay a builder […]

pentwater update


so it’s been a really long time since we actually went to work at pentwater. like almost a year. but with moving and new jobs/store you know. life just kind of got in the way and when we got there…. we didn’t really feel like working. we took a trip up there last weekend to […]

pentwater update

Farm & Garden

it’s been a while since i updated you on our little slice o paradise aka the penthouse aka the pentwater palace. since we got her resided we…. have not done anything else. we have had a lot going on getting the store ready to open, holiday parties, work trips etc. it’s been a busy couple […]

pentwater palace

Farm & Garden

this weekend we are heading up to pentwater to have a nice long work weekend. i know this doesn’t look like much but considering we had no interior siding or insulation…. or electric when we purchased the place this is a long way. what we’ve done so far: insulated the interior rewired all of the […]

pentwater progress

Farm & Garden

remember our little humble abode up in pentwater michigan? she is getting new siding! YES new siding AND real windows. after much deliberation it was time to just pay someone and get it done. we’ve owned the place for almost 3 years and it’s just one of those things that needs to be done by […]

pentwater is getting siding!

Farm & Garden

Back in September my pal Ashley and I packed our bags and drove about five hours south to Springfield Ohio for the big antique extravaganza. Honestly it was one of the only flea markets of the year thanks to covid and we spent the entire weekend from sun up to sun down shopping the fields […]

How to Hang Wall Sconces


How to Hang Sconces

I drove by our old house earlier this week and I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since we’ve moved to the farm. It’s been a true whirlwind as we’ve added fruit trees, gardens, sheep, chickens and a kid. It feels like just yesterday and as we are getting ready to overhaul the house […]

Questions and Answers About Our Farm

Farm & Garden

Loeffler Randall Floral Dress

This weekend one of my favorite antique stores, Garden House Vintage Market was having their weekend sale and of course you know I can’t resist an antique sale. I’m so grateful that we are able to shop (safely) and browse antique malls again. It reminds me of when Otto was a newborn and antique stores […]

Weekend Antiquing at Garden House Antiques

Style & Fashion

Wandering the aisles of Garden House Antiques

This week has been full of anxiety with Joe and I slowly dipping our toes in the “real world” and getting back slowly to work, well work outside of the home. Joe and I both spent some time in the office this week while the other stayed home with Otto. We decided we are going […]

The Anxiety of Getting Back Into the Swing of Things


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