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March 31, 2016

so it’s been a really long time since we actually went to work at pentwater. like almost a year. but with moving and new jobs/store you know. life just kind of got in the way and when we got there…. we didn’t really feel like working.

we took a trip up there last weekend to visit with some friends and made a list of things we want to get done this summer. i want to finish it all. joe is a bit more realistic. we have two major projects that are borderline structural.

the first one is this doorway to the bedrooms. this used to be two really small bedrooms and since it’s just us and some dogs we decided to make that room bigger and a “master suite” of sorts. lol. the framing though… less than desirable. the house is actually two old houses fused together by random 2×4’s so we were scared to actually take out one of the door frames. thank goodness pentwater is a small town and we met a builder friend a few years ago at the antler bar. he was up there a few weeks ago and showed us a safe way to shore that up and add more supports. i just had these visions of the ceiling coming down on joe because goodness knows i’m not going to be the one doing it. i’m the project supervisor. i supervise. i really want to have a sliding door for that space so we can have a bit of a wider door frame. i loved this tutorial but i think i might need something heavier…. i was thinking of possibly using a wool blanket. because if we had a wood door then we wouldn’t be able to have heat and cooling pass through it (there is no ducts in the house) and if we leave the door open i will be snuggling with 200 lbs of collie. no thanks. so that is major project number one because without that we can’t finish the rest of the wall panel.


yea i see you binks. we will not be tearing that wall down. as cute as you are you are selfish and i know you would try to kick me out of the bed.

the second major build is finishing the doors to the garage. these were too rotted to reside so we just left them as is. I would really like to get some natural pine doors built and make them really pop against the gray siding. anyone have a good barn door building tutorial they know of?


considering where we started with this place we really are in the home stretch. we have just a few things left until we can get to the interior “fun” projects and then actually go up there and not have to bust but… at least until we move on to the actual landscaping.

hope you all have a great thursday!

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