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June 21, 2016

ok so the first coat of paint is on and we of course have to fix the ceiling and add some trim but we… have no lights in this room other than the two lamps from target (that still have the tags on them). also please do not mind the pile of laundry on the beds.. i was taking it off to wash before snapping these pics.

we decided to no have any lights hanging from the ceiling because the ceilings are a little low and you would consistently be ducking out of the way. and in the middle of the night i would always walk in to it.

the other option is lamps but again, doesn’t provide that much light and it would be difficult to read (which we do a lot of at pentwater) at night.

my thought is to have two wall sconces either above or beside each bed.

listen, we have two twin beds in the master bedroom because the only full size that would fit in there would be a queen. we go here to relax and would never be able to get a quality rest because we are both rough sleepers. so we 1950’s it and have two beds. it’s like summer camp.


so first things first.
1. wall sconces to the side or over head of the beds.
2. lamps or wall sconces?

i did some internet digging and found a few options. the walls and ceiling will be white and i’m painting the floors a heather soft gray so i want something either gold, black, or black and gold.

what do you think of these options?

wall sconce 11.) this is from rejuvenation and i think would be a classic light to go in between the beds. my only concern is the amount of actual reading light it would cast in our direction. 

wallsconce 2
2.) this is from schoolhouse electric. i am always always always a fan of everything they do. each piece is handmade and i have nothing but great experiences every time i order from them. this would be if i did one above or to the side of each bed. i love that the light swivels.

wallsconce 3
3.) this one is by far the most economical choice in terms of price. I also would no need to get it converted to a plug in.. which is nice. however that is not that pricey if you are local the lighting corner in grandville does is fast and cheap. (why is that so good in a lighting place and so bad so many other places?) it’s not my favorite but it’s a few hundred dollars less than my first loves. 

what do you think? are you liking my wall sconce idea?

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  1. Kyle says:

    Go with option three. Cute and economical it’s a win win. Plus that’s money for something else.

  2. Sheila says:

    I’m more of a lamp person, but option 3 is a nice sconce. I like the mix of metals!

  3. Christine says:

    I would go with option 3. It seems to fit your style more! Can’t wait to see it all put together ☺️

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