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June 23, 2016

you guys…. we finally have the pool ready to open. one more night of vaccuming and almost a summer and a half of work… the pool shall be open for business!

we spent all summer shocking the pool, dumping chemicals etc and could never get it opened up for swimming. at least not sanitary swimming.

this summer we decided that is it! we are calling a pool guy. he came, he scrubbed, he conquered. we started to fill the pool with hoses and came home to a black pool again. the pool man said that our water was too hard and we were going to have to drain and call a water truck. we let it sit over a weekend while we went to pentwater and came home to find a bunch of sediment had settled to the bottom and it was just dirt mixed in from the field well. we continued to fill the pool, shocked the heck out of it and now all that is left is vacuuming.

now i’m ready to set up the pool deck. thanks pinterest. i know that i need to buy some loungers and i’m obsessed with these from CB2… but they are a little pricy.
pool 3
i do already have the swan floaty… this set up here (stools included) would cost about $1500 and i just can’t bring myself to do it. i mean i could but i shouldn’t and i probably wont. i just love the way the black and white stripe makes it seem so vacation-y. you know what i mean?

pool2i found this set up on pinterest but couldn’t find the original source. it looks like this was a DIY project? i’m just wondering where they would find a cushion that big. but i’m also obsessed with that umbrella.

source pinterest

yea i’m also going to need one of these amazing whicker tray rafts because i plan on doing a lot of lounging. anyone have an idea where i can get one. well looks like ill be spending my entire lunch break looking for pool accessories.

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