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May 18, 2016

there are just some projects in pentwater that we decided was out of our comfort zone. anything structural -> out of comfort zone.

we have been plugging away installing wall panels and have been stuck at this point for about a year. we finally just decided stop monkeying around with it and pay a builder to come by and fix it.

this house is two old barns pushed together and the entrance of the bedroom shows the structure from one pushed up against the siding of the other. it’s quite wild. especially because the siding from one of the houses is really old wood planked. unfortunately it cannot really be exposed because the cool side is pushed up against the structural part of the other.


this disastrous picture shows a good example. the white structure of the old house wall pushed up against the siding of the other old house. i’m actually surprised this isn’t held together by tape.

so this room here used to be a bedroom and a bunk room but it was really too small to fit anything in it. we ripped out the bunks and tore down the plywood wall that separated the rooms and made one big “master” bedroom. so now the house has one bedroom on the bottom and an a frame loft upstairs. so we were left with two door frames and some shotty header work to the master bedroom.

you know what we are not comfortable with? fixing headers. we hired a builder handyman to come and shore everything up in this area so all we have to do is slap the paneling and insulation in it.


baby gate is to block out the binks.

now the question is …. what kind of sliding door do we use? do we build one ourselves? get a vintage one? or i’m loving the idea of a lightweight one so we can have air circulating through the door.

check out this awesome DIY from vintage revivals. i feel like i could get one of my cool vintage blankets and turn it into the sliding door? what do you think?
sliding door 3

i also loved this example of two shutter style doors

sliding door 2

this option doesn’t really offer any privacy and i can see one of the dogs plowing through it but isn’t it gorgeous?!!?

sliding door 1


what do you think? the walls are going to be the white painted wood boards… vintage, new or diy?


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  1. Shawn says:

    I say vintage. I’m assuming the only reason you’d really need to close it is for privacy and I’m thinking something like a blanket won’t provide much privacy (sound-wise). Love the shutters. Haven’t seen that option before. Overall though, totally love the whole sliding door solution for your new wider entry to the master. Proud of you for hiring out the framing though. I know how hard that is for your do-it-yourselfer self.

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