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April 27, 2016

Favorite Sources for Garden Information

for the love of all that is holy. IS IT TIME TO GARDEN YET!

i am so sick of nurturing seedlings and honestly i killed a few..whoops. but circle of life only the strong survive. meaning only the ones who survive when i forgot to water them a few days in a row.

i am going to finish my plants tonight and then hopefully they will be ready to go by the 10th into the ground. we are going to be tiling up the garden tonight and then hopefully by the weekend getting some top soil to mix in (we have primarily clay) and then some mulch to cover and keep out the weeds.

i think the thing i love about gardening is that you are consistently learning and growing and finding new techniques for success. if something doesn’t work it’s a major bummer but there is always a way to adjust it for next time and move on. i’m constantly looking for books, blogs and farmers who will share some of their insight with me on growing and harvesting tips.

i thought i would share a few of my favorite links and books today for gardening.

i have been obsessed with this blog called tenth acre farm. she has made a three acre parcel an “edible paradise” and shares tips and tricks along the way for planting, maintaining and harvesting.

a customer at the shop from Hope Dahlias shared with me floret flowers. i am obsessed. seriously i get lost in the incredible images and thoughtful and through tips for flower gardening.

natalie creates. ok now that she has opened a shop my wallet is empty. i bought an amazing kitchen scale from her as well as this stoneware bread baking cloche. it’s pretty incredible. she blogged this morning about planting summer flowers that i’m going to dive into reading this afternoon.

last resource of the day is tucker taylor. i found him on instagram farmert . he is the master in charge of the amazing gardens at kendall jackson winery and was formerly head of the culinary garden for thomas kellers french laundry. (quite the resume) his feed is filled with amazing and interesting varieties of plants and lettuces and everything i wish i could grow forever in michigan.

these links should keep you busy for a while. what are some of your favorite resources?!
Favorite Sources for Garden Information

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  1. Julia says:

    I so badly want a green thumb! Trying this year!

    • You got this! Start with something simple! You don’t have to start from seed go to a garden center or farmers market and start with a few small patio tomatoes or flowers. You can do it!

  2. Erika Bault says:

    I know what you mean about being tired of nurturing seedlings! My master bedroom has turned into a greenhouse because it is the only room with good light, that I can keep my kiddos out of. I really like to follow Claire at http://www.theblogbloom.com. We went to college together and she is amazing. I also like to listen to the Chicken Thistle Farm Coopcast. They talk about farm animals and gardens as they run their CSA on the side. I’m going to check out these links though! I love Natalie’s feeds on IG!

    • You are the second person to tell me about Chicken Thistle Farm Coopcast. It must be really good! I’ll have to check it out!

      I started my seeds in my garage but nothing is germinating but i feel it might be too cold for them. I’m going to try and move them inside and see if that saves them.

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