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August 13, 2015

this weekend we are heading up to pentwater to have a nice long work weekend. i know this doesn’t look like much but considering we had no interior siding or insulation…. or electric when we purchased the place this is a long way.

what we’ve done so far:

  • insulated the interior
  • rewired all of the electric
  • insulated the ceiling
  • hung panels along the walls
  • tore out the drop ceiling and put up new paneling
  • refinished the vintage sink
  • added heat and air conditioning
  • replaced the hot water heater

soon we will be getting new windows which will help out a ton. our hope this weekend is to finish the side paneling, install the lights and figuring out something to wrap these support beams with. suggestions are welcome!

once the walls are complete and the windows are installed i’m going to paint the entire place white (white dove by benjamin moore) and then add trim and paint that all up. we are going to get some new flooring as well….eventually. but those are the projects we are hoping to tackle later.

what do you think? any suggestions for those support beams?

Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Cottage 2

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  1. Laurie says:

    Hey Abby! It looks great! I saw a really cool idea in a magazine – it was a cottage makeover and they wrapped heavy duty rope around metal support beams. It maintained a rustic feel and was quite inexpensive to do.

  2. […] weekend is all about working on pentwater. we have some projects lined up for the little place primarily to do with the lights and the walls. […]

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