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August 18, 2015

soooooo i am going to blame this demon detox on account that i took completed photos of my dining room and forgot to load them in to my computer. so today instead we are going to pick out some paint colors!

i’ve shown you the downstairs bathroom before with the pink penny tiles. 

i’ve made one decision about it so far. wallpaper. here is the wallpaper i bought for the bathroom. i didn’t buy enough for the hallway AND bathroom so all the old wallpaper is going to come down and it’s going to go back up in either the actual bathroom portion or the hallway. (which is going to be one thing you are going to need to help me with).

that is about it. oh and this fabric to make a cushion for the window seat. because window seats need cushions.


so here is the wallpaper i got it on mega sale. originally $190 a roll i scored it for under $100 from when it went on sale at anthropologie. so my option is to do one or the other (bathroom or hallway) or cough up $400 for 2 more rolls. (i do not think joe the dreamkiller would be keen on that one) (especially because we no longer have a couch in the living room). (yea.)


ok so painting. pending which room gets the wall paper what color should the walls be? the trim? there is NO WAY i’m painting the wood lockers but the beadboard looks really really orange right now. what do you think?



ok so here are the questions you are tasked with answering

  1. who gets the wallpaper? Hallway or bathroom
  2. paint the walls what color?
  3. paint the trim?
  4. paint the trim what color?
  5. any other suggestions?

happy tuesday!

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  1. A. Pepper says:

    My vote is for the bathroom since it pairs with the flooring so well. But could you do a half walls of wainscoating beadboard to conserve wallpaper and do both areas?

  2. Dani says:

    I vote wallpaper in the hallway (which I’m assuming leads to the bathroom?) and then a blue/green/gray (like the color of the leaves in the wallpaper) for the wall color. Love the throw pillow fabric, and I love everything from Rifle Paper 🙂

  3. janet says:

    I would do Grey walls.white trim add in a touch of turq or light blue with accessories and tie in the wood look with small wood boxes or crates.

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