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October 22, 2014

I vowed to only work on one room at a time in the new house but that doesn’t stop me from giving you whats coming up after we “complete” formal dining room. Next project is the farmhouse guest bathroom.

Let me give you a status update on that bad boy.

This past Saturday morning i went to home depot around 8am, started wallpaper project around 9ish. worked straight through lunch and into dinner ran out of wallpaper stuff (i will do an entire post to how to strip wallpaper) (without killing someone) and then had to make another home depot run and called it quits around 10ish at night.

Sunday morning stripped more wallpaper and did it some more after church.

Joe came home from hunting and helped me start by painting the ceiling. then yesterday i started in on the beadboard and the trim. Click here for finished pictures

So I figured while I have the supplies handy once i’m done with the formal dining room i will move on to the farmhouse guest bathroom. this bathroom is the only bathroom on the main floor. it has a door that leads straight outside to the pool deck and the other door leads into the side entrance of the house.

it’s covered in pink tile with green flowers which personally, I am in love with and I think it might be the only thing that is going to stay. However, the 90’s country chic wallpaper has to go. I might even paint the trim. might.

The trim is really beautiful but I feel it clashes with the pink tile and it has been sun damaged over the years so it’s not all one consistent color anymore.

There are also wood lockers in the room as well as a shower and toilet. quite possibly one of the weirdest toilets i’ve seen but it’s kinda cool and Joe says it’s staying. He doesn’t ask for much so I’ll let him have his toilet.

Save the pink tile bathroom
I’m in love with this tile in the farmhouse guest bathroom.


Remodeling the old farmhouse bathroom


farmhouse guest bathroom remodel
nipple light needs to go.


farmhouse guest bathroom remodel replacing the sink
The sink is too small for this space. I’m thinking of a big apron sink in it’s spot.


The pink tile is going to stay but the wallpaper is being taken down
the faux marble towel holder must go as well.


Removing this weird trim piece in the guest bathroom
so you can get the full spectrum of ugly wallpaper


The antique toilet that is going to stay
as you can see joe set the full toilet paper on top of the empty roll.


Wallpaper and orange wood have to go


Save the pink tile bathroom remodel
so what do you think? how do i make this tile color work? wood trim..paint or keep?
happy wednesday!
xxoo abby


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  2. Mary Jo Eldridge says:

    Keep the tile. Replace the lights and a new white toilet seat. Paint the walls a medium dark, warm gray and the wood trim all the same color but with a semi-gloss finish. Maybe some bamboo window shades and interesting mirror that will compliment the sink and artwork you choose.

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