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October 15, 2014

I have  decided to start tackling this house one wallpapered room at a time. The farmhouse formal dining room wallpaper goes first.

The first thing I did was decide how to take down this farmhouse dining room wallpaper. I used a product called DIF and a plastic scraper. I found that two of the walls were plaster and had to be extremely delicate when taking the wallpaper off of these walls. It took me almost two weeks (two full weekends) To completely remove all traces of this wallpaper.





so here is the plan. thanks to the guidance of my friend dann, he held my hand as I ordered the very first light fixture for the house. well maybe not so much hold my hand as yell over facebook do it! do it!
since the cocktail lounge is right next to the dining room and I plan to make that a bit more of a statement, i decided to go with something simple and elegant for the formal dining room. chances are this is where we will eat normally because it is right off the kitchen as well.
without further delay, here is the light i ordered.
i shopped around a long time to find a light i liked. i scored this one from CB2 for $200 and $5 shipping. I ordered it Monday and it is scheduled to be delivered Wednesday! got to love that! this is my first order from CB2 so  i will let you know how it goes!
in addition to this light i have a deep dark brown farmhouse table that used to be in the penthouse but it was too big. that i think will now go in to the formal dining room. i’m obsessed with these chairs for the table but not sure if they will be too white against the dark table …or that could be a good thing
as far as paint colors go…i want to keep it kind of dark. the house has great light but i’m tired of painting everything white. this will be “the dark room”. i’m thinking dark grays…even black. stay tuned.
in the meantime i have many other ideas and interesting things on my farm – dining room Pinterest board. if you care to follow along with the farmhouse dining room progress.


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