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December 29, 2015

it’s been a while since i updated you on our little slice o paradise aka the penthouse aka the pentwater palace.

since we got her resided we…. have not done anything else. we have had a lot going on getting the store ready to open, holiday parties, work trips etc. it’s been a busy couple of months. we are planning on going there and assessing some projects we’d like to get done there this spring.

i do miss the little red house but i’m still just blown away by the new siding.


pentwater 1

pentwater 5

here is a list of exterior things…
window boxes..or shutters? I think the outside still needs a little texture. i’m afraid if i did shutters i couldn’t get them to fit in the peak of the top windows so maybe window boxes would be a better option?

porch lights. ordered them a few months ago should arrive in february. i bought these amazing copper shiny barn light style fixtures that i think will really pop against the gunmetal siding.

door: i really want to paint it red as an homage to the  previous siding color. thoughts?

porch: need to paint that white maybe add a railing?

landscaping: need to figure out what grows in sand and shade….

Pentwater Cottage 2inside…. is a different story. we need to find a creative way to wrap the beams in the house. right now they are just bare ugly wood. need to figure out.. reclaimed wood maybe?

the obvious things: trim, floor, paint, finish paneling near hot water heater….

the thing we don’t know and need a builders help for is the door to the bedroom downstairs. it has two doors because it used to be two small bedrooms but we need to have the header fixed. if we mess with that on our own… pentwater could quickly become a one story house… no thanks.

Pentwater Cottage

we have a lot to do clearly but we have come such a long way in the three summers we’ve spent there. we gutted the entire place, insulated, fixed the plumbing re did all the electrical, fixed some structural issues. we are getting there! what do you think so far? anybody have an idea on some tiny house ideas? (keep in mind we are beginner handyman)

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  1. Hannah says:

    Love it! It will be so cute! I like window boxes, porch railing and YES to a red door!!

  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve seen beams wrapped in rope before, looked pretty cool, might be a little nautical themed though

  3. Pam Roach says:

    Is that the old ‘three sisters’ place? We have a home in Pentwater. We have a builder who is a GEM in Pentwater and he lives right in the middle of town- also redoing an old home for he and his wife.

    I can’t wait to stop out at your store this week. I hope I run into you.

    • It is! We have been working on it non stop! We need a builder to help us with a bulkhead (yea not going to attempt that one ourselves!) Where is your house?! We love pentwater so much!

      If you stop by say hi! Let me know when you are coming!

  4. Erin Doucette says:

    My husband I remodeled a cottage in Pentwater also! He has family there so we go several times a year and love it. We loved the guys at Cottage Rennovaters if you need people. Love your style too? Where is your shop? I would love to stop sometime.

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