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January 28, 2016

so i did a gutsy thing. i ordered a new couch on line. without sitting in it. but after taking a year to decide i said what the heck. lets pull the trigger. i need a place to sit because for the last like year i’ve been living in my bedroom. and this room was known as furniture purgatory. a place where i banished all my hoards of furniture that didn’t have a home yet. and when guests came over i just simply said “oh that? that is furniture purgatory” assuming everyone has a furniture hoarding problem. couch7

after also banishing furniture to this room. we’ve banished our dogs to the basement which has been killing me. i love my mugly mutts. and i miss watching tv with them. so we decided they would be allowed in one room and one room alone and that room needed a slip covered sofa. now i know you along with my mother were like what the heck? a white couch you are crazy. hang on now… it’s 100% washable. everything comes off and can be washed on a gentle cycle. bingo.


i ordered this couch and ottoman from birch lane during a site wide 30% sale. it would have shipped for free but i chose to pay the $49 for the movers to bring it in, set it up and take the garbage with them (worth every penny) in total this set cost me under $1500 sign sealed and delivered. it is the slipcovered birch lane sofa and ottoman. right now on the site there is FREE  2 day shipping! what the what?! i ordered my set christmas eve and it arrived last week. i was happy with the quality and fabric. the cover needs a little more steaming but i want it to be comfy and meant to be used. it did have a little dirt smudging around the skirt but birchlane offered me a 10% refund for the issue which was more than fine. overall… good quality and i was happy with the result! i did read the reviews and the only complaint was the color was different than the computer showed. i had ordered fabric samples (that ship free) before i ordered the couch so i could make sure in person that the color worked.


now there are several issues with this room. 1. not enough color 2. the tile on the fire place 3. the carpet 4. too much random furniture. don’t kid yourself i love furniture but somethings got to go. probably the blue loveseat. but the room is so long and narrow i’m not sure the best way to arrange all this madness?! help someone?

i’m thinking about painting the walls a neutral color a shade darker than beige like a gray? or going super odd and doing something really dark and jewel tone. i’m going to try and paint the fireplace tile before i try and tile the fireplace…. thoughts?

and i really want to put wood floor in but the meanest husband in the world (joe the dreamkiller) says we need to put in windows first. lame. makes me so angry that he is practical sometimes. like i secretly want to just get flooring and  mini pony at once so he doesn’t know what to be more angry about so he just gives up and doesn’t be angry about either. boom! abby logic at it’s finest.


so what do you think? what do you think about the couch? ever ordered anything like that online?

what do you think about the actual arrangement of the furniture?


i need opinions people!




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  1. Kyle says:

    Go super odd and paint a color, I painted my entire house Revere Pewter and regret it all the time. I’m a bright person and my walls say drab and don’t reflect my personal style. Also color makes lights look awesome (like this beauty of a new couch).

  2. Erika says:

    I think I would try a black paint on the tile. Rustoleum makes a high heat black paint. I’m not sure what prep you would need to do, but it should hold up to the heat. Also, maybe move the table that is currently in the corner over where the blue couch is between the Windows. Then you could add a chair to either side. I love the side tables you have though!

  3. Love you, the couch and all of your fabulous finds! Let me know if you are interested in a design plan!

  4. Corinna says:

    Could you find a slipcover for the blue love seat so the 2 match? I love love love the fireplace but yes as someone mentioned above I would just paint that small row of tile like a matte black and then paint the walls but I think I’d stick with a neutral color maybe darker though and then accent with pops of color in your decor on the mantle etc – pull out the colors in your chair

    Awesome room!

  5. Jen says:

    You definitely need to get the loveseat off of the wall and float your seating in the middle of the room. I’m in St Joe. Would love to come help you rearrange! You have great pieces…

  6. Chastity says:

    I would pull both couches to the middle of the room and then arrange them facing each other in front of the fireplace. Maybe add to the white sofa and eclectic mix of pillows… pulling colors from you love seat and vintage chair. It is a great room!

    • Susan Kinneman says:

      I agree with Chastity-have the couches face each other perpendicular to the fireplace-paint the walls a sunny light yellow-your pretty moldings will pop and it will set off the blue couch-find gorgeous pillows in blue and orange accents for both couches. Find a great rug with blue, white, and a “touch” of orange to tie your area together. Find a glass top coffee table so you can see the rug beneath it. Put the large hassock facing the fireplace, with the gray file cabinets on either side of it and use it as extra seating or as a spot to place a large tray with needed things like remotes, magazines, pens, etc. Put the floral chair over where the blue couch was or in a corner as it’s own separate reading area.

      • I’m liking this suggestion….. my husband is dead set on putting a tv in this room and i’m dead set on not having it above the fireplace. I’m thinking if the couches were perpendicular to the fireplace i could hang in hidden in the cupboard against the wall….

  7. Emily says:

    Just an idea but try to turn the couch so it would face the blue love seat and put it in line with the window flanking the fireplace and then pull the blue love seat off the wall so its across from the white couch kind of in line with the other window flanking the fireplace. I’m not sure where the fun chair ends up though….maybe next to the love seat or an angle in a corner.

  8. alexandra pagano says:

    I actually love all the neutral tones in here, makes it feel very light , I don’t know that I would add full color wall. Maybe just awesome pillows and drapes? or a patterned wall? Great stuff and great find with the couch!

  9. Rachel says:

    First, I’m so obsessed with hat lamp! I’ve been looking for one like it for years for our living room! So so cute. Second, love that you’re brave enough to have a white couch! I really like it! You’ve somehow managed to make the room look un-lived in clean and yet very inviting. So impressive!

    • Thank you Rachel! the couch is a washable slip cover so let’s see how it holds up haha!

      the lamp is from pottery barn. i bought it with all the gift cards we got when we got married (almost 7 years ago yike!) I remember being like omg i’m spending my entire paycheck on a lamp ! ahhhhh

      hindsight i could have done a little more research and found an almost identical one at target for 1/3 of the price.

  10. Jana says:

    Cute sofa!!! I agree with the others…move both to the center! Neutral wall and bring in colors via accessories!

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