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December 22, 2015

porch 6

so this is pretty much it when it comes to my christmas decorations. no matter how much i do not feel motivated sometimes (sometimes) i am always eager to decorate my front porch. it’s so welcoming and the first impression of my house (at least before you come in to the entry way which is full of my hoarding stuff)

porch 4

most of the pieces are from vintage finds throughout the year. i picked up this blue vintage candy barrel tin from a flea market this summer for $20. i thought that was a killer deal for how cute the label was! the minnow bucket (green writing) has one of my favorite graphics i’ve ever seen but the bottom is almost completely gone which makes it kind of perfect for the little charlie brown tree in it.

porch 3

my friend abby posted on facebook a few weeks ago that trader joes had boxwood wreaths for $10. i bought two…. i know that i would need two for some reason. the only problem is you really have to keep watering them or they wilt. fast. which is kind of a bummer. in fact the one hanging on the wall has a scarf? tied around it because that one portion died. but hey it was $10!

porch 2

i went a little crazy buying all the mini trees but they stay green all winter which is pretty nice. they were like 3/$10 at a garden center that was closing up for the winter. i thought they were the perfect addition to all the baskets and planters i had on my porch. i just wrapped their black plastic containers with some plaid fabric scraps i had left from my old booth.

porch 1one thing i will never regret hoarding for myself is the matching wash tub tins. these were by far one of the best purchases i have ever made at a flea market. i feel like they have the perfect rustic farmhouse touch.

porch 5

many of the pieces were found from around my house (things i’ve already hoarded). i think i went a little overboard with the green but hey if we had a light dusting snow it wouldn’t look so summery hahaha.

happy tuesday everyone!

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  1. julie sosnowski says:

    The porch looks great, Abby. Bob and I added that wrap around porch right after we bought the house in 1991. I think it adds so much. Enjoy and Merry Christmas. Is the boiler okay now?

    • Hi Julie!
      The porch is the best part of the house!

      The boiler seems to be ok now! Stay tuned. It seemed once we had the heat running again for a week or so it worked itself out.

  2. Megan says:

    Loving all the plaid! Looks great 🙂

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