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July 7, 2016

the posts in the penthouse cottage are going to drive me insane. basically it’s just ugly wood holding up the ceiling. i guess i shouldn’t hate too hard holding up the ceiling is a big deal. we looked at how much it would cost to move them to the outer edges of the house. yea it was $10,000. so looks like theyre staying right where they are. there has got to be something to make these look attractive and intentional. the main issue we are having is that they are the exact same size as the base of the roof they are holding up. so if we were to do any sort of addition/wrap the wrap would be larger than the ceiling base… does that make sense? 

while scouring the internet i found a few interior post options. now some of these are pie in the sky dreams (like the first picture) but perhaps staining the posts won’t be such a bad option? the wood is in good shape. perhaps just distressing it a bit to give it not such a “fresh off the lumber yard” look?

pillar 1source

then there is this approach below… think i could wrap it in old barn wood? it would make the base a little but wouldn’t be so big? maybe an inch on each side?

pilar 2source

i did find this wrap n snap option on line as well. you buy the kit to wrap the poles. not a bad option just would run into the ceiling base issue. damn the ceilings! 
pilar 3

my friend erin sent me this option. it would probably be the easiest but i’m not really a nautical person and to me this screams nautical. maybe i’m wrong?

pilar 4source

so what do you think? anyone have experience with this type of project/issue? it’s kind of on our list as one of the last ones to complete.

happy thursday!

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  1. Corinna says:

    Love the idea of wrapping in barm wood – could you somehow “wrap” the ceiling base as well or do a Barnwood/pallet wood accent on that section of ceiling to make it blend better if you extend around the posts? ( not sure if that makes any sense at all but I don’t know how to word it otherwise lol) it’s hard to tell from the picture but if that’s just like a small section of bulkhead/ceiling above where those posts are thinking you could somehow do like a wood wall on there there that would bring the depths out a little bit and then that would widen the base for your posts Just an idea

    • I think i get what you are saying. I’m wondering if i make the ceiling come down a little more around it if it would work? I think barn wood would make them look a little more intentional.

      • Corinna Gallagher says:

        yes! that’s a great idea…just add some at the bottom! Such a cute place – my uncle Jim lives in pentwater – he has been the guy in the bathtub in the parade the last few years i believe lol and is often found playing his violin along the street with his buddies 😉 can’t wait to see what you decide!

  2. Jennifer G says:

    I like Corinna’s idea of wrapping the ceiling base in barnwood as well? Then that way everything would come about about an inch but still match? Otherwise is there a way to extend the ceiling base and paint that white? It would be cool to wrap the posts with brick too!

  3. Megan says:

    I love the idea of distressing and staining them, you could also add some supports like in the first picture (the Y shape) to add some more character to them! It would be inexpensive and easy and I think it would look awesome.

  4. Shirley Dykema says:

    I agree w/ Corinna & Jennifer. If you can wrap the ceiling “beam” w/ barn wood to make it look more like a barn beam then you could go ahead & wrap the posts to look like smaller beams.

  5. JenD says:

    I don’t know if there is enough height to have the Y supports. I love the barn beams…even the idea of bricks (Pentwater bricks are lovely if you like that color). I don’t care for the rope. Pentwater is nautical but those remind me of a cat scratching post. LOL

  6. Shirley Dykema says:

    If you add to the “bulkhead/ceiling” that the posts are supporting maybe you could make the widths match up!?? something like the wood beam doorway in the link. Good luck

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