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July 6, 2016

we worked our booties off again at the penthouse this weekend. what was once boards and beams is now a beautiful crisp white. a few hours of painting and sweat and 6 gallons of benjamin moore dove white and the cottage (at least the first floor) is painted!

before….pentwater 3

penthouse 1

joe was ready to go for dinner and not too excited about me taking last minute blog photos. so yea here it is! walls? check. ceiling? check. beams? not check. trim? next! i knew from the moment we started busting down walls a few years ago that i wanted it dove white. i’m a color girl for sure but i feel like with a house this small you need a blank canvas to make it feel spacious.

penthouse 2
just a handful of projects remain some big, some little. then it’s on to the “cosmetic fun stuff” hanging shelving, lighting, etc. this winter we are going to get the staircase redone so it’s not a walking death trap. if you can see to the left the steps are about 5 inches deep and incline at all different levels. we are going to have the stairs regraded and they are going to come about about a foot into the living room but that is not a big problem since that is pretty much open space anyway. wither or not they will be widened is up for debate.

penthouse 4
we have two more ceilings to hang one being in the loft and the second in the bedroom. lesson learned: paint the ceiling before hanging it! it took us a few hours and sore necks and backs (not to mention paint splatters everywhere) to get the ceiling painted. we took everything out when we gutted the ceilings because it was an old drop ceiling, the electric was chewed by mice and it was gross.

in addition to ceilings we have hanging the lights, trim, baseboards and floor then she’s pretty much “done”. we’re so close i can feel it!

penthouse 3

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  1. Elma Riedstra says:

    Love this all!! That kitchen sink is theeeeeee BEST!!!!!

  2. Emily says:

    If the stairs come into the room you should make a little two step landing:) love the white too!

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