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July 13, 2016

this house is very seasonal. it’s funny how in the winter we migrate to three rooms bedroom, kitchen, living room. when it’s summer it’s bedroom, patio, screen room. the screen room by far stays one of the coolest rooms in the house because it circulates air well and has low hanging fans. it’s pretty toasty in the morning because it faces east but by the time we get home from work the sun has been off it for a while and it stays nice and cool.

screen room

last summer it was a jungle in here  i had so many house plants and over the winter i just grew tired of watering them and they died. all of them. and this summer i have been so preoccupied with the landscaping up front and in the garden that i didn’t feel like watering a bunch of house plants. i limited myself to a small olive tree and a topiary. seems to be good.

i also switched up a few chairs around the kitchen table. the folding chairs kept catching on the rug and these mint ones were actually meant for outdoors but they work here for now.

screen room 2

i moved the rug that used to be in the bedroom into the screen room because i like the way it pulled the room to the center a bit more. and i found these cement looking stool/benches at target on clearance for $30 each originally $70! i thought they were a steal. (i bought gold foil ones for the pool area too!)

screen room 3
i put a wider coffee table in the middle as well because i’ve been using this room to do a lot of my meal planning in (hence the pile of cookbooks under the table). i know it’s a busy room but i love color and i love patterns. my design style i’m learning is “whatever i like in one room”. i feel this room allows me to be a little more daring with colors because it’s an indoor/outdoor space.

also i had the glider covered with an oil cloth so when joe comes in from the pool and sits on the furniture it leaves no water print 🙂


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  1. JenD says:

    I love the green chairs in the kitchen…I thought you have bought them just for that space.

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