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July 14, 2020

We headed back up to “the little house” as otto has named it to continue to put the finishing touches on the interior. We have some things that will have to wait until the end of the summer but I have been dying to just hang some pictures on the loft walls.  I have been wanting to do that since we started gutting the place almost ten years ago!

We returned from a breezy morning at the beach and Joe and Otto took a nap/watched curious george while I climbed to the loft that joe painted over quarantine to arrange the beds and hang some pictures.

vintage cottage pentwater Michigan

I had grand plans to have a gallery wall of roe deer antlers but after I hung these two simple vintage watercolor fish paintings I kind of changed my mind. Well, not kind of. I did change my mind. They looked so simple and beautiful hanging above the bed. Plus the space is a bit tight and I didn’t want to push the beds out to make room for the antlers. I found these paintings last year at the Elkhorn Antique Fair. I always keep a treasure trove of vintage artwork to pick from as I decorate a new room. You just never know how things are going to come together at the end.

The suitcases were flea market finds over the years. The largest one on the bottom was the most I’ve ever paid for a vintage trunk or suitcase ($75) but I was obsessed with the color palate and I knew ones of that size were harder to come by. The fan was a steal at $25 from an estate sale.

vintage cottage pentwater Michigan

Don’t let him fool you. He laid down and said “take my picture” as he closed his eyes. He was my big “helper” deciding where to move all of these deer antlers. My hope is that someday when he’s big enough to safely walk up and down the steps that this can be his little hang out. I tried to make it neutral leaning more towards masculine.

Vintage historic loft cottage

This rug I bought on impulse from facebook marketplace. I scored it for only $50! It’s a bit beat up but I think it ads to the charm of the “worn in look”. I’m still searching for bedding but the two wool army blankets were another flea market score. I typically see these in antique stores for $120/each but I found these TWO for $35 each a few years ago at a market. It was more like a swap meet but I couldn’t believe my luck!

The pillows are vintage pennants sewn into pillows by my friend sue from Fabric Scout (Also available at the The Found Cottage!)

The beds are from Ikea and the paint color is dove white by Benjamin Moore. We painted our entire cottage this color. It’s got some nice blueish undertones and makes the small space look nice and clean.

A frame loft cottage

We are so grateful that after years and years of hard work we can finally sit back and start to enjoy the house. Note to self: Hire a builder the next time we buy a fixer upper haha.

To view more of our Pentwater renovation click here. 

Cottage filled with vintage treasure

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  1. Cindy says:

    Love the simplicity! Perfect for a small space.

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