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February 14, 2017

happy valentines day my friends! before i dive into the world of ceiling fans… my day has started out in what could possibly be the most unromantic way. i have been having these wild dreams lately that are so so fricken weird. last night i dreamt that joe and i were going to a “resort town in syria” that’s right… a resort town… in syria. in my dream i kept saying oh no i don’t think that’s very safe and people kept assuring me that the news only talks about the bad region. then it got weirder.. “they” in my dream said omg yea syria is great to vacay in but you have to guard your drink because the russians will poison it if unattended. which made me go …. abby you listen to WAY too much NPR. so last night i had a dream i was walking out in the snow and i found this dog that was half beagle half pug. it was literally a beagle body with a pug face. it’s name was riley.

i woke up this morning and said good morning joe he says good morning back and asks how i slept. good, i say. i had this weird dream that i found a beagle pug in the snow named riley. he responds, thats cool. i had a dream you had a seizure. awesome.

about 20 minutes later i’m getting dressed for work and looking through my closet. i find this red kate spade dress i’ve been saving and it seemed like a good day to wear it (you know cause it’s red and it’s valentines day). i get it on somehow but the arms and bust area are now a little snug. and that is when i realize…. this dress aint going nowhere. i try to struggle out of it on my own but the dang thing is seriously not budging and that’s when i realize my arms are now pinned in the seams and i’m rendered helpless. i call for joe and he comes over and there i am with a dress stuck halfway up my body. i dont’ want to rip it because come september…. i want to wear it again and i don’t want it to rip! i sit on the ground hands above my head while my husband shimmys the dress of centimeter by centimeter until i can finally see the light of day again. i just sit there and say… happy valentines day. that wasn’t very sexy huh? such as life though right? i’m now restricting myself to only things that zip or stretch.

so anyway happy valentines day. on to the topic of the day that is controlling my brain… ceiling fans.

you guys….. this weekend it’s going to be 50 degrees and sunny! joe and i are booking it straight to pentwater as soon as we get out of work friday. i honestly can’t even think about it i’m so giddy to get up there. we were so busy with the holidays and the shop that we haven’t gone up there like we typically do in the winter.  it is a bit icky when it’s so cold but now that we have new windows and a fireplace there it has made a world of difference.

this is actually a picture from last summer. the pipe on the left is now gone and we repainted this ceiling. now all that is left to go are these outdated ceiling fans. since everything in this house is painted white i really wanted to do a contrasting black ceiling fan. something simple, cottagy and industrial. good luck finding that! i have been looking on the internet for weeks and have yet to find what is in my head. i finally decided to branch out and look at other options.

the tricky part about this is the ceiling is fairly low and cannot go much more lower than the fans already are. the drop from the ceiling to the lights on these fans are 13 inches which is about perfect for the space. i found a handful online that i’ve been saving… what do you think?

cage ceiling fan  , wood ceiling fan , schoolhouse ceiling fan,  copper fan


i’m actually really loving the caged fan ones but i’m worried that they will not be able to be flush mounted but i’m loving the idea of something simple and smaller than a regular ceiling fan. i would hang just lights but honestly in the summer the fans keep the house perfectly cool that i would hate to get rid of them and keep the air cranked up. (see! look at me! i’m saving money!). this fan is actually from lamps plus that has this awesome chat feature where you can ask specific product questions about pieces and they get back to you within minutes. they are trying to figure out right now if this can be installed without the rod.

the other option that is totally different from a traditional ceiling fan is that wood three blade one in bottom right corner. it’s sleek and modern and i think would be pretty in that space. what do you think?

do you have any favorite ceiling fan links? share them with me! i’m struggling here!

happy valentines day!


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  1. Amy Pepper says:

    Love the bottom right option! The caged light bulb goes with the nautical theme of Pentwater sailing and beaches. The faded blade coloring reminds me of drift wood or sun bleached docks.

  2. Karen renkema says:

    The caged ones look like a nightmare to dust/clean, otherwise cute.

  3. Baileywife @Irishman Acres says:

    I like the three arm fan for some reason. It reminds me of a boat propeller!

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