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February 9, 2017

one of the side effects of my pregnancy… do you call them side effects? is i have had some serious food aversions. red meat… keep it away. HAM the worst. i can’t even get myself to make dinner. not because i’m tired (which i am (but getting better) but because the thought of handling food of any kind makes me queasy. it’s the oddest thing. it almost happened right away. it seems to be getting better the further along we go but lately it’s been take out or whatever joe can make. he has become very good at making taco salad, mac n cheese and homemade pizza. can’t fault him that.

with super bowl last sunday i was not going to show up empty handed. that’s not how i roll. i looked through my books for something simple and quick. i luckily canned a bunch of tomato jam so i brought that with goat cheese. but i found this simple and quick bacon appetizer in my martha stewart appetizer cookbook. that book by the way, is FULL of really simple and fast appetizers. i like easy appetizers because they are meant to be simple. you don’t want to be cooking away while guests are over. you’re supposed to be able to just whip them right up.

this recipe is three ingredients and makes no mess (if you follow instructions).

all you need is

a package of bacon (i used about a pound)
a cup or two of light brown sugar
2 tsp of thyme leaves
baking tray
parchment paper
wire rack

to make:

  1. preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. then line the baking sheet with the parchment paper. make sure it’s completely covered. you will end up throwing your pan away if you don’t. place the wire rack on top of the paper and backing sheet.
  2. lay out the bacon on the wire rack in a nice line. sprinkle the brown sugar over top and gently rub it in with your fingers. let sit about 10 minutes so it absorbs into the bacon.
  3. place in oven about 15 minutes. take out and flip the bacon over on the tray using tongs. place back in oven about 7 minutes
  4. take bacon back out sprinkle thyme leaves over top and put back in oven about 3 mintues
  5. take out and let sit. when cool enough to handle cut bacon into thirds or chip like sizes.
  6. keep warm until ready to serve. enjoy! it tastes like savory amazing candy!



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