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December 30, 2019

Last weekend it was unseasonably warm so we decided to take a drive up to the Pentwater cottage and check on it. We left a bunch of stuff there not knowing if the last time we were there would be it for summer or not so I took home all of the linens and sheets to clean and prep for spring. It felt weird to be there in December and have no snow on the ground. When we first bought the house and worked over the winter it was crazy how much snow there would be. I remember walking in snow that was up and over our porch!

Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Michigan

The Pentwater cottage has come along way and really the only thing we were able to salvage in the house (except from the actual structure) was this old farm sink. Everything else had been destroyed by mice, water and other elements. We gutted it down to the bare bones and started completely over. It didn’t even have insulation when we bought it. It has been a labor of love and now we finally get to start enjoying the cottage. We have a few projects to finish up come spring but nothing like hanging walls or installing toilets.

we found this cute little retro fridge on clearance at the home depot and decided to bring it up with us. The magic of facebook marketplace made everything else disappear for free out of our front lawn. Since the new fridge is a lot smaller we are going to build a shelf for the microwave and small dry good storage. The house is total under 800 square feet and just big enough for the three of us.

When we pulled up to the house Otto yelled out “OH YEA! My other house!” and ran right into the bedroom to get out the toys he last played with 4 months ago. He played and played while joe and I checked on everything. He very much wanted to go to the beach but we settled for the toy store instead. Pentwater has THE BEST toy store. It closes Christmas Eve – April but if you are up here during those months it’s worth the visit!

Next project on the list: operation yard.

Otto playing at our Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Michigan Otto playing at our Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Michigan Otto playing at our Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Michigan

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  1. Janey says:

    Looooooove it!!!!!

  2. Katie says:

    I love it! It looks so welcoming, cozy and warm!! Great job fixing it up!

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