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February 17, 2017

you guys.. it’s finally friday, the sun is out, there is no ice and we are heading to pentwater this weekend to work on the cottage! words cannot describe how excited i am to get to work this weekend! we haven’t been able to get up there in so long that i am literally just itching to go!

we are leaving after work tonight and stopping at my parents cottage first to have some dinner with them and catch up before continuing north to pentwater. i’m so happy that it’s not below freezing because it’s been a while since we had the heat going in that place. hopefully the windows and insulation are faring well haha.

saturday we are waking up bright and early and taking the sledge hammer to the staircase. right now we call it the “stairs of death” because they are pretty much vertical and super uneven. it’s basically like climbing a shaky ladder to get to the upstairs. so our objective this weekend is to rip them out and get them ready for builder to come and regrade and install new steps. they are probably going to jet out a little more into the living room but since there is a post in the way it’s pretty much dead space anyway. better to have safe steps then 1 foot more of floor space right?

pending we get that taken care of we might start in on trim. then honestly it’s ceiling in loft, bathroom and floors and the cottage is pretty much done with the exception of the fun decorating part.

sunday we will probably take it easy and make our way home in the morning so we can enjoy an afternoon at home getting ready for the week.

so excited to get my hands dirty!  happy friday!

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