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June 1, 2017

today is a big day for joe, goldfish and i. we are heading to the specialist today to meet with the surgeon that will be working on little goldfish when the time comes. to be honest i’m not 100% sure what this appointment is going to involve but we are both going into this meeting with a list of questions that have come to us over the past few weeks. hopefully we will leave with a few answers to the questions that have been weighing on our minds since the initial shock of the last appointment wore off. it’s so weird how a human brain can just go numb for a period of time and as it starts to unthaw you begin to think clearly and logically again. i’m not going to lie there are a few questions that i need to ask but not sure if i want to know the answer to. it’s like ripping off a band aid though you just have to do it. i feel like we are walking into this prepared and ready to learn. we even have a notebook. just don’t forget the pen right?

well in the meantime we have had no troubles keeping our hands and minds busy. we were going to take it easy memorial day weekend but that lasted like two seconds. we headed up to the penthouse and got a ton of finishing work done. including this carriage door. diy rookie mistake: cutting a hole for a door before actually having a door that fits. ali from the storewe honestly didn’t even think about door dimensions when we put up this wall and framed in a new door space. what were we thinking. we weren’t that is the thing. i swear we searched for a door for about 6 months because of that mistake and were just about to build one ourselves when my pal brought this beaut in that was the EXACT dimensions that we needed. talk about fate.

don’t mind the dogs or the random lighting wires hanging from the ceiling. we haven’t quite got around to hanging the lights yet. one baby step at a time ok? ps if you notice to the right you’ll see our brand new stairs to the a frame loft! they work perfectly and are no longer a death trap because they are all the same length and grade.

the hardware took joe and i (mostly joe) about 20 minutes to figure out and hang up. i bought it from some site i found via google and it was by far the least expensive i’ve found and the quality is surprisingly amazing. plus it shipped within a week. i was actually shocked at how easy the door went up. sometimes joe really amazes me. he is such an analytical guy and a real perfectionist but honestly being a handyman is neither of our strengths. (good job buying a complete and total fixer upper right?) however we have learned so much from fixing up this 800 sq foot shack of ours. i feel like it’s given us the courage (because sometimes you need it when diying) and the ability to make mistakes. we have done a few projects around our “house house” that we wouldn’t have been able to do without the trial and error here.

i know it doesn’t look like it but we are getting really really close to completing the interior of this place. we basically have a bunch of finishing work to do. the two remaining major projects are flooring (going to need to jack the house up for that one) and the bathroom shower. that one is more an optional one but i really hate how the shower head is eye level haha. i’ll do a post about what it looked like when we bought it compared to now. it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come when in the thick of things but joe and i are pretty proud of ourselves here!

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  1. Lori Dee Desgranges says:

    Oh my gosh I’m so excited for your cottage it is adorable I’m sure it will be just perfect !!! I love the color of the exterior !!! Is this close to the Lake or actually waterfront ???

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