thirty one weeks


May 31, 2017

things get a little more serious each week. (didn’t i just say that last week?) i don’t know but there is something about not being in the double digits anymore that makes me freak out just a little bit. although i feel we have made a bunch of progress in the past week.

we officially signed up for birth classes. a lot of people told me that they didn’t take them etc but i figured they’re free and can’t hurt right? i literally have no clue how child birth actually goes other that what i’ve seen on “look who’s talking” , “look who’s talking 2” and “knocked up” i figured it can’t hurt to actually get a doctors opinion. plus now that we are no longer going to be delivering at the smaller hospital i want to know where i’m going and where i have to be and when. it can’t hurt right? plus i’m the type of person who needs to know (as much as possible) how this is all going to go down.

we also had the wallpaper for the nursery hung. you guys… it looks amazing. i can’t wait to show it to you! my mom’s friend carolyn helped us hang it. and by helped us i mean she hung all of it. i don’t have the patience or the precision to hang wallpaper and she did an amazing job. seriously cannot wait to show you. that made me feel like we are starting to make more progress. there are some essentials i still need to buy but i feel like we are getting there. i ordered our crib and registered (kinda). thank you so much everyone for your suggestions by the way. i’m still working on it but i think i’ve made a good start. take a look and let me know if i’m missing anything essential on here.

on the serious stuff we meet with the heart surgeon tomorrow to go over everything and ask questions. i have my notebook ready full of questions and to take notes so i don’t forget. i’m anxious to go back because last time we were there we didn’t ask a lot of questions because we were so blind sided. now i feel like we are going in with a clear head and mind. i’m still praying for a miracle and that this was all just a glitch in the computer but i’m more at peace (as much as possible) moving forward with everything.

all in all everything else has been progressing quite well. i feel great, a bit tired at times but for the most part no complaints. i haven’t had any real big pregnancy symptoms since the first trimester. my back hurts like hell and my belly button is officially an outie now and feels like it’s going to rip open. but really no major swollen feet (with the exception at the end of day) and really no major cravings. (except ice cream. but that was my entire life). fingers crossed i still feel like this in the next few weeks haha.


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