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August 17, 2020

When my friend Mark said that he was expanding his store, Warehouse 55 you know I had to make the 3 hour road trip to have some solo shopping time in the new Warehouse 55 Expansion. I first visited the store back when they first opened and found so many beautiful and amazing things for my home and personal collections. This visit was no different. I was blown away by the over the top displays in each and every space. In addition to that there is an entire section that is now a floral studio and it is absolutely stunning.

Vintage European Style

I would say the above was my favorite booth but I have like 10 favorite booths in this place. However I purchased the most from this space. I walked away with the small writing desk in the corner (view here in my home) , a gorgeous landscape painting and a glass front ornate curio cabinet. I could have spent my entire budget in this space but there were more treasures to be had. I’m not going to lie, the taxidermy seagull was magical floating inside a large antique frame. This booth also had a magical metal hot air balloon hanging from the ceiling that if otto were a girl, would totally be the theme of his bedroom. And I finally was able to track down the owner of this booth full of treasures. 

Every visit I make to Warehouse 55 now, I start in Robins booth. It’s that french market style set up with a modern flair.  I just love everything that she does. So many of her pieces have a permanent residence now in my own home.

Vintage Taxidermy Deer

It was an artwork themed day and I left with several pieces that I will be hoarding for a very long time if not forever. If you can’t make the trip to Mark’s store they are constantly adding things from the shop online.  I bought a large floral painting that now hangs where the gallery wall in my dinging room used to be. They have such a variety of booths perfect for every aesthetic from glam to country and the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of pieces you find.

Mark and all of the vendors at Warehouse 55 are so incredibly talented that it never ceases to amaze me. I’ve never walked away from the store empty handed. The prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the antiques. A lot of times people forget the amount of work that goes into sourcing an item for the store. It takes time to build a network, drive, dig, clean and repair before bringing into the shop. Shopping antique stores is not considered “picking” it’s considered antiquing and you will pay a higher price for goods that have already been found. However sometimes  I prefer shopping antique stores over picking through barns and estate sales because the cleaning and repairs are hands down the worst part of the job.

You can spend a good two hours (that is what it took me) to browse the warehouse 55 expansion and first level. It’s a great space to get caught up and creative. Every time i’m able to visit Warehouse 55 I leave so inspired and that is half the fun! There are great stores also just a short drive away like antiques of winfield. You can make an entire day shopping in the area. I’m already planning my next trip back!

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  1. Nancy Carlock says:

    Next trip to Aurora you should come to DeKalb and visit my store and other Antique & Vintage stores in town!

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