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August 18, 2020

Ok so this pink gingham dress might be a bit over the top but it would be me if it wasn’t over the top. When I found that I could even purchase the shoes to match I hit the click-click to send my order on over to Allegan.

This outfit is actually two piece and one of the many things I snagged during the big j.crew sale. I found that for once it actually runs a little big.

I wore this outfit for a lunch out on the patio with my pals on a lovely and breezy summer day.

Pink Gingham Two PIece J.Crew Dress

Sometimes it still feels weird to get dressed up and typically I’ve been leaving the house in my favorite jeans and a graphic tee because in the summer I’m typically out in the garden getting dirty. In fact most days I head into work with dirt still around my ankles from checking on the garden before heading out for the day. Joe asked me today if he thinks this year was my best garden yet and while everything is different each year I would have to say yes, so far this garden is my best. My flowers are huge and even though my tomatoes took a turn I was still able to pick about 80 lbs from just 8 plants. I planted mostly romas and other canning varieties.

I have enough pizza sauce now to last me 5 pandemics. I might start trading it for toilet paper. Who knows.

A planned lunch out was just what I needed and actually putting on lipstick and a skirt (and washing the dirt off of my legs) felt really good. It made me feel a bit more like myself again. It’s funny how that old phrase “dress for the job you want” still rings kind of true in how you get ready each day affects your mood and outlook.

Pink Gingham Two PIece J.Crew Dress

This outfit is still on major sale and keeps drifting in and out of stock so if you see it sold out now check back tomorrow.

Gingham Top: Medium 
Gingham Skirt: Large 
Gingham Shoe: 9.5 *runs small I’m typically a 9

Other Items I loved from the sale…

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