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February 17, 2021

Last week after a particularly long day I met up with my pal Ashley to take a few photos around town and hit up our favorite book store. We were driving around looking for the perfect spot when we came up on this little building with the name TACO BAR. Doesn’t get much clearer than that. We swung into the parking lot and the kind man opened the door and said come back in 30 minutes. We said alright and headed to the book store. There are so many great taco bars in west Michigan each unique in their own way. I thought I would share some of my favorites if you are heading to the area.

New Taco Place in Holland Michigan

Taco Bar – The newest addition to my taco bars list. This place was small, quaint and absolutely delicious. Ashley and I pulled in and ordered a margarita and a few snacks. It was about two bites in when we messaged our husbands and told them to come meet us here because this is where we are eating dinner. We ordered the chicharrones, guac and queso all together. I ordered the carnitas and Joe ordered a carnitas and a cauliflower taco. Both were fresh and so full of flavor. This place just opened in September and in the summer the garage doors open up to make it an indoor / outdoor taco bar. Taco Bar is located in Holland Michigan and their website can be found here.

Fun Places to Eat in Holland Michigan

Donkey – If you are in Grand Rapids there is no way you haven’t heard of Donkey’s. Donkey is one of the west sides most beloved taco bars and when they switched out their brussels sprouts taco for a green bean taco there was quite the uproar. (mostly by me but thank God it’s back). They have more unique varieties and options than your typical taco place. The Brussel, the fish and the pork tacos are all some of my favorites. They make an amazing prickly pear margarita but if you need something non alcoholic their aqua fresca is changed daily and absolutely fantastic. Donkey is located in Grand Rapids and their website can be found here. 

Tacos El Cuñado – This taco bar is located in the food stalls of The Downtown Market. There is never not a line at this restaurant. The owners focus on the flavors and offers with those that are popular in Costa Rica and other Central and South American countries. The chorizo is out of this world good at this taco bar. Tacos El Cuñado is located in Grand Rapids inside the downtown market and their website can be found here. 

Taco Bar Holland Michigan

Phils – I don’t know if this place can technically fall under the Taco Bars category but this place has some of the all time best fish tacos you’ll ever have. They are served lightly fried in beer batter on hot tortillas with a yogurt lime cream sauce… now i’m drooling. It’s best to go in the off season because in the summer (and under normal dining conditions) it is packed to the gills. (no pun intended). Phil’s is located in downtown Saugatuck and their website can be found here.

Cantina – Joe and I have been visiting La Cantina on 28th street since we first got married. It has free bean dip and cowhide chairs. We went back there for the first time in a few years this past weekend and it was just as good as we remembered. The homemade tortilla chips with their salsa and bean dip needs to be rationed otherwise you won’t be able to touch your dinner. The portions are huge and delicious and two people can eat dinner for under $30. Cantina is located in Grand Rapids and their website can be found here. 

New Taco Place

West Michigan has so many amazing Taco Bars I know I haven’t listed them or been to them all. These are the ones that are heavy in our rotation when we have the cravings. What are your favorite Taco Bars in the area?

Making tacos at home? Try these Green Bean Tacos or Sriracha Shrimp Tacos.

Classic Margarita on the rocks Delicious new Taco Bar Chips and Guac New Taco Bar Dinner in Holland Michigan

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  1. Jane says:

    Thanks Abby for Sharing all these awesome places. Can’t wait to try some of them when we visit this summer.

  2. Chris Bakker says:

    We welcome you to try Streats Taco Kitchen in Zeeland, across from the splash pad on Elm st. My husband and I opened this June 25th. It’s been an interesting ride starting a new business with Covid but we are trusting God!

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