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February 23, 2021

Midwesterners have sweaters for all occasions. They have everything from winter sweaters to ski sweaters to even spring sweaters. This past week in Michigan we had a 50-degree temperature swing. It was -9F one day and then today it was 40F with sunshine. I am so ready for warmer weather. Every morning I walk out to my car and the air smells just a little sweeter like spring. I think midwesterners can smell melting snow like some can catch the scent of a fresh baked pie.  Sweater outfits of all kinds are a must living in this climate and I about jumped for joy when my order from Sezane came with my new favorite oversized sweater.

Nautical Striped Sweater outfits

The oversized sweater I am wearing in these pictures is one of my favorite sweater outfits because of a few different things.

  1. The knit is thick like your grandma could have made it for you
  2. The fabric is so soft. Not itchy and wooly
  3. It is a cropped sweater but not midriff length

I could go on and on about how much I love Sezane but this isn’t about the brand today. This is about showcasing some of my favorite ways to wear sweaters and put together sweater outfits.

Oversized Nautical Striped Sweater outfits

How many different types of sweaters are there?

Types of sweaters can be broken down into so many styles. The possibilities are endless but here are categories that almost all can be filed into;

Oversized Nautical Striped Sweater with Gold Buttons

Sweaters can be a bit of an investment based on the fit, time to create and the material used. When I am shopping for a sweater I always look for something that can be worn with both jeans on a Saturday or potentially with a skirt to the office.

When trying to dress up a sweater;

  1. Crew neck thinner sweaters are easier to transition into work or evening outfits.
  2. Accessories are your friends. A sparkly heel, clutch and a belt will add a touch of drama to a sweater even if you are still wearing it with jeans.
  3. Sweater Dresses are a great way to sweaters from day to night. Change out loafers for some pumps and you are good to go.

Nautical Womens Sweater outfits

The oversized cropped sweater in these pictures was worn to the office French tucked (front tucked in) with a pair of high waist dress pants. This gives your waist definition while still being comfortable in an oversized sweater. When it comes to styling oversized sweaters it’s important to maintain some sort of shape in your figure. It would be really bulky to tuck this sweater all the way in. That is why I’m such a fan of the French tuck.

When you are styling a baggy sweater;

  1. Make sure that you have definition to serve as a focal point. Where are you going to be tailored? Is it with a pencil skirt or straight leg pants? Will it be tucked in?
  2. Avoid wearing heavy boots or shoes with a baggy sweater. A slim loafer or kitten heel will provide some balance to the bulkiness of a baggy sweater.
  3. Avoid knit on knit. What are you talking about abby?! What I mean is wear different materials like denim or cotton to balance out the knit sweater.

Baggy Sweaters I love

Favorite Places to Shop for Sweaters

Womens Nautical Sweater

Sweater outfits are cozy, practical and necessary this time of year. At the end of the day what is most important is that you wear what makes you feel comfortable in whatever manner you feel most comfortable in. Style rules are more like guidelines to get the creative juices flowing.

Navy and White Striped Sweater How to style a navy and white striped sweater Chunky Knit Sweater

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