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October 21, 2020

I bought the first duster sweater of the season this month when I needed a brain break and popped in to free people with my pal Ashley. It’s been a while since either one of us found something we had to have and coincidentally we each found something that day. I purchased this long length duster sweater in the medium because I liked the way the shoulders hung. I did try the small for comparison but if I’m going to wear an oversized sweater than I want it to fit like an oversized sweater. 

Outfit Details:
Duster Sweater: Medium, Free People
Denim: 42, Sezane
Elton John T Shirt: The Counting House
Shoes: Jimmy Choo, 4o, hurt like hell. 
Bag: Louis Vuitton, Vintage
Location: Tupelo Honey, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Free People Long Cardigan Sweater

I wore it for it’s debut to a happy hour with the girls after work on a bright sunny fall day where the temperature was just a little crisp. As I was messing around in the morning in an attempt to be ready on time I realized that there are some go to style hacks when putting together an outfit that involves high waisted dramatic jeans and oversized dramatic sweaters. Both of which, have a tendency to go more frump than fancy if not styled carefully.

There are a few things that make this outfit work.

  1. Fit. When buying boyfriend jeans, high waisted jeans or any type of pant that is supposed to have a looser fit make sure that the waist is fitted. If that is baggy the entire fit of the pant will look baggy. I’m not saying it has to be tight, just snug enough to stay up on the right place above your hips. Also a tapered leg helps. I love a nice wide leg but being a shorter gal it’s nice to have the pant come in at the ankle to give some definition to the outfit.
  2. Proportions. An oversized cardigan or sweater needs balance so you don’t look like a bad version of an Olsen twin. (We all know what era I’m talking about, the post “Our lips are sealed” movie era where they were super into baggy clothes and nicotine). I cuffed the sleeves at the wrist and wore a fitted t shirt underneath. Rather than one of my favorite heavier flats I opted for a sleek heel. I also added a brooch to make it you know, fancy.
  3. Elongate your body. I wore my pointed toe smaller heels with this outfit. I thought the black patent gave it a bit of a rockers edge while the pointed toe elongated my leg making me look taller. This helped balance out the long sweater and the drama of the jeans.

I use this type of style types when wearing blazers as well. It’s all about fit, proportions and elongating your body. Happy Sweater Weather friends!

Vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag Tupelo Honey Grand Rapids Lunch Date Grand Rapids Michigan Downtown Street Shot Vintage Elton John Concert Tee Styled with highwaisted Jeans Vintage Elton John Concert Tee Styled with highwaisted Jeans

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  1. Angela Baldwin says:

    Hi Abigail. Looking really hard to find that Elton John tee. No luck so far. Let me know if anything comes up.


  2. Grandmapenny3 says:

    Always adorable, Abby! Triple A awesome mom of Otto.

  3. Christina says:

    Hi Abby,
    I love this look! It’s fun and stylish. Just a heads up the link for the sweater goes to poshmark for a vintage Chanel brooch. I love how much fun you have with clothes. You’re an inspiration.

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