Three Unique Ways to Style a Concert Tee

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December 19, 2019

Did you know before Otto was Otto I was on a mad quest to name our baby Elton if it was a boy? Joe was very much against it and said he was not going to name our son after Elton John. No matter how many times I would try to persuade him it was always a firm and steadfast no. Typically when it comes to arguments I can get joe to wear down over time but this one I knew was going to be an uphill battle. As I was driving back to my parents house I passed the Otto Orchard sign I’ve passed 100’s of 1000’s of times because it’s been there since I was a kid. If I couldn’t have Elton, I was going to make a hard quest for Otto. Luckily it took absolutely no convincing because Joe loved it and then and there it was decided if this baby is a boy, it’s Otto.

So what am I getting at here? I thought it would be fun to share a few different ways to wear your favorite concert tee. I have actual Elton John Concert Tee’s from when I’ve seen him here in Grand Rapids, MI but I picked up this fun version at a local shop called The Counting House (she ships!)

Elton John T Shirt from The Counting House

  1. Layer the shirt with items that are more business casual. A lot of time people think of concert t’s for wearing with jeans or around the house but I think as long as the content is appropriate and you work in a business casual environment you can pull it off. I pair it with pieces like skirts, blazers and heels for a polished look in coordinating colors.
  2. Wear it with a pop of color! I loved the hints of red in this Elton John T-shirt. When picking out accessories I stuck with the red belt and the red outwear jacket. Adding color also ads to the upscale look of the shirt.
  3. Pair it with contrasting pieces. I channeled my inner Elton John by pairing the tee with some glitter heels and a gold lame skirt. I thought it would also be fun with a big tulle skirt. If you are going for more of a laid back look it would also be cute with boyfriend jeans and layered necklaces.

Elton John T Shirt and Red J.crew Coat Elton John T Shirt and Red J.crew Coat Gold Lame Skirt from Atlantic Pacific Elton John T Shirt from The Counting House Red Jcrew coat Atlantic Pacific Skirt with Blazer Red Coat and Madewell Blazer Elton John T Shirt and Red J.crew Coat

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