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November 18, 2019

It is finally here! I feel like I have been waiting an entire month for the atlantic pacific holiday collection to officially launch. This is the brand that Ashley and I have driven to Chicago twice for now to shop. Today the holiday collection was launched online. Below are some of the pieces I’ve purchased for myself and ones that are waiting in my shopping cart. (because you know…budgets).

Below are some photos of previous launches items. Some things are still available like the black and white button bow shirt and the heart jacket.

I can’t wait for the pieces I ordered to come in and I ordered multiple sizes because some of these items are not a consistent fit. In the heart skirt I was a medium but in the organza midi skirts I took a size large. Once everything comes in I can do an accurate review. However, most of the pieces sell out fast so it’s best to buy now, return later if you are on the fence about sizing.

The think I like about this holiday collection is many of the pieces you can mix and match. The tops go with multiple skirts and the dresses can be layered with jackets and blazers from the previous release. The product is great quality and has held up from multiple wear over the past year and I can’t wait until my order arrives to style it for the holidays!

Below each picture are the sizes I took.

What to wear on my 33 birthday. Atlantic Pacific for nordstrom heart jacket and skirt with J.crew silk blouse

heart jacket – L  Heart skirt – M
Black and grey menswear madewell suit. Highwaisted pleated pants and atlantic pacific bow top from Nordstrom. Fall Work Outfit

bow blouse: Large

(Last years release) Jacket – 12 Dress – 12

(Last Year) Jacket -12 , pink bow top – L, Skirt – M


Here are all the items that I checked out with

Happy Holidays! It’s time to stock up on that holiday party wear!

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