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November 19, 2019

I was sitting on the couch scrolling through instagram after Otto had gone to bed and Joe and I were watching Cheers reruns when I came across this IG add for the sequin duster at anthropologie. Very rarely do I click and purchase without a coupon code but this duster.. this was epic and I immediately thought about all the different ways I could wear it. I feel a lot of times people associate sequins with special occasions and that’s true, but sequins can be a great way to add texture and interest to an everyday outfit paired with the right pieces.

sequin duster I ordered a size L. 
denim I ordered a 32, the stretch just a tad
T shirt is by imogene and willie and is about 5 years old. it’s amazing. *wearing medium

Also note: if you sign up for emails by imogene and willie they have the best black friday deals!


The best Dim Sum in Grand Rapids

A couple friends and I went to lunch at Wei Wei Palace for lunch. I have ALWAYS wanted to go but just never made the time. We decided to have a girls lunch and try everything. We had eyes bigger than our stomachs and finally the gentleman taking our order told us to stop because we had ordered enough ahaha. And he was right. You guys, I’ve never eaten Tofu. Never needed to. But my friend Darlene ordered it for the table and it was crunchy, and spicy and sweet and I now dream about when I can go back and have more. It was by far my favorite thing that we ordered. If you are local and haven’t tried this place yet, it’s a must. The staff is super friendly and the food is out of this world. You are going to want to take a food nap afterward.

How to style a sequin duster by Anthropologie

Back to this sequin duster. I love to pair “fancy” pieces with casual everyday style. This jacket is lined and a bit on the thicker side which is perfect for the chilly temps that are rolling in. I paired this with the Agolde boyfriend style jeans and a graphic tee from one of my favorite makers. The t-shirt and jeans gets a bit elevated with the sequins and puts a fun twist on “casual Friday”. If you are going to wear a big statement piece like the sequins and you want to keep it casual, make sure that you let the sequins be the star of the show and keep most everything else understated. Unless you want to pair it with a yellow fur coat and a teal velvet cross body bag.

And now i’m off to dream of dim sum, and dim sum more.

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Dim Sum Grand Rapids Michigan Pei Wei on 28th St. Anthropologie Sequin Duster by BB Dakota Dim Sum Grand Rapids Michigan Pei Wei on 28th St. Anthropologie Sequin Duster by BB Dakota Pei Wei Grand Rapids Michigan Kate Spade Yellow Jacket Kate Spade Yellow Jacket blue velvet gucci marmont camera bag Kate Spade Yellow Fur Jacket How to make sequins casual for everyday wear Kate Spade Yellow Fur Jacket How to make sequins casual

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  1. Lynsey says:

    I absolutely love how you are rocking these sequins.

  2. Jeri davis says:

    No one would EVER expect me to wear this but you are adorable and I love it so much!!! I’m 4’11” so it will prob drag the ground but I’m so thinking about it!! Gift to me huh!!?? Love the sparkle!!! Keep sparkling!!❤️

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