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October 19, 2018

shop what i bought

mint coat – i took a size 10
plaid coat – took a size 10
pink tulle skirt – i took a size medium
pink bow top – i took a size medium
black tulle skirt – i took a size small
black tweed jacket with tie – i took a size medium
pink pea coat – i took a size 10
pink color block dress – i took a size 10
pink fur wrap – onesize
teal fur wrap – onesize
floral dress – i took a size 10
navy bow dress – i took a 10

i’m crazy. from the second atlantic pacific mentioned she had a secret my friend ashley were feverishly texting back and forth that we hoped it was a clothing line. and when she announced it was a collaboration with nordstrom, we lost our mind. when we found out we could shop it before anyone else if we went to her party at the michigan avenue nordstrom, we jumped in the car and headed to chicago for a one night only meet and greet and collection launch and preview.

getting to meet her was wonderful. she was so sweet and kind and gracious in real life. social media is weird that even though we’ve never met in person you feel like it’s your friends big day!

we tried on EVERYTHING. the collection is stunning and extremely well made for the price point. the entire collection is under $250 and most pieces are around $150. here is my overall break down of the collection in terms of fit and price. you can see the sizes i bought above but here are some overall thoughts about the collection.

there are two different kinds of skirts. button waist and elastic waist. i found the ones with the elastic waists to run a touch large. i still would take my regular size with the exception of the black tulle skirt. the black tulle skirt is very full and beautiful and the medium was a bit overwhelming for my height so i sized down to a small. it rides a bit higher on the hips and is a little more fitted through the waist area than the medium was. i did take a medium in the pink layered tulle skirt. the price range for the skirts are $89 – $129

the dresses ran very true to size. the navy lace sleeved dress with the black bows i took a size 10. any other dress i tried on that had a number size i took a size 10. i’m usually a 10 in j.crew dresses so if that gives you a gauge. if a dress had a small, medium or large size tag i would take a medium. i went home with the lace bow dress and the color block pink dress. i ordered the floral in a 10 because the 8 had already been snatched up. the price range for the dresses were $129-$169.

the jackets were the only items in the collection i really had to size up in. i took 10’s in all the coats that had numbered sizing. (mint long coat, plaid long coat, pink pea coat) they all fit very small in the arms and middle of the waist. i am normally an 8 in a j.crew coat but i took a 10. if I wanted to wear a sweater under the coat i would have needed to size up to a 12. the long coats are all $250 and the jackets (pink and black tweed) are in the $150-$180 range. the only jacket that didn’t fit small in the arms was the black tweed jacket with the tie. that one i took a medium in and it fit quite comfortably.

sweaters and tops:
the sweaters and tops all fit true to size. i took a medium in any sweater and top they had including the pink bow blouse. i think they fit a little larger than a typical j.crew sweater but not enough to size down. i bought the pink bow blouse only because … i bought a lot of coats haha. the tops were all under $100.

accessories and shoes:
the event was very busy and shoes were hard to come by. i was able to try on the glitter bootie with the pointed toe and it fit true to size. i’m a size 9 in tory burch and kate spade shoes and i was a 9 comfortably in the boot. the shoes were all under $139. i bought two of the long fur stoles priced at $89 each. they are very well made and add an little something extra to each outfit. almost all the accessories were under $100. I can’t remember the price on the lavender and camel leather gloves but I think they might have been the only items over $100 in the accessories department.

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  1. Mary Baldwin says:

    Everything is beautiful and you model it so perfectly!

  2. rebecca says:

    Wow. Looks like a great collection. Cannot wait for the launch. You look lovely in all the pictures. Enjoyed your stories from your trip there. You and Ashley are a hoot together!!! Also your live on the way home was fun too watch!

  3. Elma says:

    So beautiful Abby!!!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Gorgeous! Your photos are so fun and thanks for including sizing information! I absolutely love the pink coat!!

  5. Whitney says:

    Absolutely stunning! I want a fancy toile skirt but I’m 55 , maybe a bit to old.


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