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October 15, 2018

ok so i think i officially own every single piece of velvet from j.crews new fall collection. i bought this skirt and top set and then the ice blue version and the velvet leopard wrap dress. there is something just so luxurious about the fabric it just makes you feel special. like 1920’s glam on a tuesday at the office. i like that i can wear it to work during the day or out to dinner on the weekend. i thought i could make it a bit more casual with a denim jacket or knit cardigan. but i have a flair for the dramatics so this jacket was a must for this outfits first time out.

i actually bought this jacket years and years ago when i was going to washington for a political science trip. back when i thought i wanted a career in politics. ps. i thank God every day he changed my mind. lol that certainly was not the life for me. but anyways the jacket was good and if that is what i can take away from that experience i’m happy with that haha.

speaking of this weekend.. it was amazing. we started off with dinner after work friday at salt of the earth where we ended up being seated by some friends and their baby. we merged tables and three hours later we were heading home. it felt so good to get out and go on a pseudo double date. even better that the baby boys behaved themselves the entire time!

saturday morning joe went hunting and otto and i worked around the house before meeting liz at an antique store. we found a few treasures before heading out to get groceries. we cooked a dinner at home of steak with a coffee brown sugar rub, corn pudding with green chilies and some cooked carrots. i have to share with you soon that cooked carrot recipe because they were amaaazing and kind of stole the show.

sunday morning otto slept until 8 so we did too haha. we headed for brunch at salt of the earth (twice in a weekend bonus!) and then headed to virtue cider to pick up some supplies for the afternoon. we got home and otto took a nap while joe closed the pool officially and i put away my finds from the previous day. oh and started slow roasting a leg of lamb in the oven. the house smelled wonderful and when otto woke up from his nap we went on a little walk to the neighbors farm stand to purchase some apples.

we got back and finished up dinner with more carrots, left over corn, leg of lamb and some bourbon whipped sweet potatoes that i wasn’t too happy with how they turned out. however, the apple cobbler made up for it. we snuggled in and went to bed early ending a pretty wonderful fall weekend. oh that is until otto woke up at 10 and puked in our bed. but at least it was just a fluke and he slept the rest of the night?

outfit details

skirt: j.crew click here
top: j.crew click here
jacket: j.crew old
necklace: findings click here
shoes: tory burch old, similar here
lipstick: nars heat wave click here 

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  1. Colleen says:

    I love your look! I so love velvet, and I need to add more to my wardrobe for fall & winter! I live in Southern California so yes, velvet might not be the wise choice, but I don’t care!

  2. Sonja says:

    The dress and jacket look so cute! What a fun weekend. Politics?? Yuck!! SO glad you didn’t head down that crooked path!

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