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October 8, 2018

as much as i would love to say that i was just here in the big apple for a little vacation.. i was here for work. I am the marketing director at a local oil company in west michigan and had a meeting about digital media in the big city. i guess if you are going to go somewhere to learn it might as well be some place fun right?

the meeting started wednesday night with a dinner so i caught the early morning direct flight so i would have a bit of time to explore the city. i literally got to the hotel and dumped my bags and took right back off. i flew in to LGA and it was about a $45 uber right to times square where our hotel was located. as much as i don’t care for that area it was nice and centrally located. many places to walk around and explore. but i took an uber straight to soho to get some breakfast.

i started off at Maman NYC with a slice of quiche and an iced latte. i ventured next door to their shop that was attached and spent some time there admiring all of the beautiful displays. from there i just kept walking until i found this adorable little macaron shop called laduree. i settled in to a booth to charge my phone and enjoyed some macarons and a fizzy lemonade. once my feet were rested i wandered around the boutiques in soho. by far my favorite was the new gucci. the assistants were so warm and welcoming and we walked around drinking cold pressed juice and talking about the design and goal and hopes for the new boutique. it was over the top and amazing and i enjoyed every minute hanging out there. it even had a little theater in the back where you could watch the documentary film of the week. it was definitely worth checking out. after buying a belt i had been lusting after forever i decided a walk was in order and i walked about half a mile or so to a place called sel rose. they have a full service option for dinner but for lunch it’s only lobster rolls. it was delightful. grateful for another outlet to charge my phone i hopped on a stool and watched people while i enjoyed my sandwich. i decided to keep walking and stopped at MILK which has been on my list forever. i even have their cookbook. it did not disappoint. i had the cereal milk ice cream with salty crunchies on top. it was heaven and super rich.

i kept walking until my feet couldn’t handle it and grabbed an uber back to times square. i walked around there a bit and headed to Butter for an appetizer and a cocktail before meeting up with the rest of the group for dinner. i had the gnocci mac n cheese and it was lovely. after i finished my drink i shopped at the free people and anthroplogie in rockefeller center and then  met our group at this brazilian restaurant in times square that i’m not going to name because..it wasn’t very good. i was exhausted after that and called it an early night.

the next morning i woke up and went to bouchon bakery in rockefeller center. everyone was outside watching the today show but if you sit at the counter you can look out the window and see everything being filmed without the crowds and with a nice hot coffee. by the time i finished my coffee and croissant i headed to my meeting which started promptly at 8am. during break i ran to magnolia and grabbed a coffee and a cupcake for later. (the vanilla on vanilla will always be my favorite). once the meeting wrapped up around 5 i took a cab to ABC Home, Fish Eddy and Whisk. All three incredible stores and within a block or two of each other. i walked the mile back to the hotel because it had been a long day of sitting. it took me maybe 20 minutes to get back but it was an easy walk straight up broadway. plus walking gives you a chance to see more of the city. we went for dinner at a little italian restaurant in times square which was ok before heading to black tap for these over the top shakes. four of us gals that ventured off split two of these mammoth shakes that literally had an entire slice of cake and a hunk of cotton candy on them. it was incredible. completely and 100% sugared up we called it a night.

my final day i woke up early again to get coffee and a croissant with brie, blackberry and ham from for five roasters. it was just what i needed to go on my final new york stroll. i walked the .8 miles to central park to at least see it before i left. i’m surprised every time at how pretty it is! i literally ran back to the hotel because i was late and finished up our meeting before leaving for the airport. it was a wonderful whirlwind trip but by the time it came to leave i was ready.

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