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December 24, 2019

I wore this sequin tunic outfit out for an afternoon lunch with girlfriends only to return home with hands that look like they had lost circulation and were deep blue. That’s when I remembered I was wearing new indigo dyed jeans and the ink had essentially rubbed off all over my hands and legs. I had to hard scrub it off with a loofah in the shower after washing these jeans inside out on a solo cycle in the washing machine. It happens almost every time I wear dark jeans and it drives me absolutely nuts! I have found that a few washes inside out helps the staining less but there will always be some residual color.

Plaid Jcrew top with free people sequin sweater

I purchased this sequin tunic from free people with my birthday coupon and in an effort to get more people to wear sequins I thought I would show a casual way to style it. If I was going to be wearing it out to a party I would pair it with black leggings and some heels or shiny ankle boot but for  a casual lunch I wore it with some skinny jeans and one of my favorite J.Crew sweater Jackets. To give my waist a little definition I cinched the tunic with a thin belt. I felt the tunic was just a little too shapeless alone under the blazer. Having a belt at your natural waist gives you definition with layering. The key is keeping things proportionate. If I were wearing taller ankle boots I probably wouldn’t have cut myself off with a belt but since the boots are at my ankle it balances out the space between my belt and shoes.

What are some of your favorite rules and tips for layering pieces?

Jacket: Jcrew Medium
Tunic: Free People Medium
Jeans: Paige size 31
Boots: Tory Burch
Belt: J.Crew 

Plaid Jcrew top with free people sequin sweater Plaid Jcrew top with free people sequin sweater Plaid Jcrew top with free people sequin sweater Plaid Jcrew top with free people sequin sweater

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  1. Emily says:

    I love how fun your fashion is and how confident you are!

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