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February 8, 2019

i’m not a fan of valentines day. or am i? i don’t know. i’m on the fence. joe and i used to go out on valentines day for the fancy dinner and the gifts and chocolates but as we got older and wiser that places are packed and expensive on valentines day we made a great tradition of staying in.


i remember our first valentines day as a couple in college. we were broke as a joke and i came back from class and joe had left me a cake in my dorm room that he made (from a box) in the shape of a heart. he didn’t have a mixer so there were pockets of powder throughout the cake but it was frosted and adorable. he got me a box of chocolates and we went out for soup. it was quite perfect.

we went through the over the top phase for a bit before slowing down and just going out for dinner and exchanging a fun small gift. one year about 4 years ago we had to cancel our reservation due to a snow storm. we ended up baking a cake and cooking dinner at home. from that year on we decided to continue that tradition and make a big meal together at home. in sweatpants. no reservations, no crowded tables and no overpriced menu. just the way i like it.

we don’t go crazy with gifts either anymore. we stick to just simple things. like a money clip or a book. i thought while i’m browsing i might as well put together a little list of some ideas for the gardner you know if you are shopping for a certain valentine.

some of my favorites are the hand weeder and the large weeder rake. you can read more about how these tools saved my time and my back in my post about low maintenance gardening. but if you are a practical valentine the hand weeder will change your life.

last year i built my own obelisks but i’m loving the natural look of these wicker cones. and for the price i might be adding some of these in. the diy ones i made last year were about $22-$30 each and these start at $14. it could be fun to mix them in to the garden.

and finally what is gardening if you can’t have pretty garden gloves. mine from last year are pretty grungy after a year of ware and it might be time for a new pair. terrain no longer has the high floral ones i had last year but these might be my replacement.

now off to make my valentines day menu

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  1. Chassidy says:

    This is a fabulous idea. The valentine’s anxiety was starting to kick in when my husband told me he made reservations for a super pricey restaurant 45 min away. Fun in theory, but I know 2 hrs before it’s time to leave we are both going to be wishing we were staying home. And truly genius about gardening gifts. It’s such a perfect time!

  2. Cam says:

    A year of ware? What is that? I believe you meant wear. Also, it’s very annoying to read your posts when there are no capital letters after a period.

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