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April 7, 2020

Yesterday morning we got a fun surprise in the mail! I had ordered dahlia bulbs around January and completely forgot about them. It was from a flash sale email and the price was too good to resist. ( like always, right?) Well, 30 bulbs might have been a little over zealous but they came in packs of 5 per variety so it is what it is. We had our afternoon project in front of us.

We ordered the bulbs from dutchbulbs and if you sign up for their emails you get the sale notifications. I have not tried anything from this company so I am anxious to see what comes up.

When Terrain was having their spring sale I ordered a bag of this potting soil mostly because the bag was so pretty but I am going to compare the organic potting soil to my generic brand potting soil and see how things go. It’s totally acceptable to buy a bag of dirt because it has pretty packaging right?

Planting Bulbs for the Garden

I wanted to get the bulbs planted right away because the growing season in Michigan can be shorter than most although we have had lovely warm spring weather so far. I love how much Otto has been outside lately. We have settled into our “stay home” routine here for the time being. When Otto wakes up we eat breakfast and pick up and do activities in the house. If it is nice outside we pack our picnic lunch and head outside to eat it and do chores. By then it’s time for my daily conference call with work and we go for a walk which he falls asleep during. Then I get a few hours to work in peace before he wakes up and we finish playing outside before we head in to shower, laundry, dinner, play and bed. Planting our flower bulbs was our after nap activity.

We searched all around the house and barns for empty containers of any kind for us to use for the bulbs. Dahlia tubers are quite large and need some space to get started. It won’t be long and I can plop them right into the garden before they need to be repotted.

Heart of a Lion Toddler T shirt planting bulbs in the garden

In typical toddler fashion otto rearranged all of the labels of the varieties but jokes on him most of them were planted in the same type of pot per variety. We moved the pots into the garden shed by the windows to protect them from potential frost. We might have to move them inside the house in a few days because temperatures are supposed to dip back down into the 40’s again and I saw a snowflake in the forecast. It’s supposed to be 65 here today and in three days there is a snowflake in the forecast. That is Michigan for you.

I hope we get a handful of these to sprout. Stay tuned!

ps you can view the soil here and my garden gloves here.

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Trying out my new potting soil from terrain getting help from kids in the garden

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