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October 26, 2017

you guys.. otto slept from 10pm-4am and then again from 5am – currently sleeping. what did i do to deserve such good luck? maybe baby boy is starting to realize his parents are so much more fun when they’re rested. and when they’re rested they can do more fun things like play with fall decor. this might be a blessing of the feeding pump. we can feed him while he sleeps. we hit the button and we turn it off when it’s done. it’s amazing. except the whole you know he won’t eat on his own thing. i guess you have to get some benefit out of a crappy situation right?

yesterdays appointment went about as good as it could have been. the only thing that could have made it better is if they said that otto never needed another surgery ever again. they said otto’s vitals were good, he is responding well to the medical treatment of his leaky valve and he is gaining weight which means he isn’t burning more calories from his breathing than he is taking in. this got us another two weeks and then we get an ultrasound to take more of an in depth look at how things are going.

you guys, he is doing so well at home. even though he still has the leaky valve the rest of the surgery has to have helped. he breaths easier, he doesn’t sweat through his clothes, he can lay a little more flat. he is so much more alert. he is such a trooper. i was looking back through my pictures yesterday from the day he was born on and this kid… i tell you he is such a fighter. everyone who has been through situations like this has told me that these heart kids are resilient and it’s so true. they are tough. i’m so proud of baby boy. especially because he’s even sleeping more at night.

the more otto gets into a schedule the more i find ways to do stuff i love to do. work, decorate, cook etc. my dining room is like my porch. one of the only things i really change up seasonally. and i’m a little late this year but better late than never! i can’t believe so many shops are putting out christmas decor already. i mean can we please celebrate fall and thanksgiving first? i have a lot to be thankful for this year so i don’t want to hop skip and jump over that holiday.

i used a lot of things that i already had around the house. the only things “new” i really picked up were these cool velvet pumpkins from a local antique store and some stems from a craft store. nothing fancy just some amber/green hop stems in a sap bucket but i like how simple it is.

i had these runners and placements from the clearance bin at world market and i love how they are not overly dedicated to one season? i won’t come out and say that i’m collecting ironstone but if i find pieces here and there i’m going to grab it. especially when i find these platters for $2/pieces. how can you not? plus platters and plates do not take up a lot of room because they stack. and i have a cupboard to stack them in. (justification process).

mostly it’s just joe and eating dinner here but like i said the more we get into the swing of things hopefully the more we can get back to having friends over. we call our house the shut in station.

felt good to get back to doing something creative.

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