three months of otto


October 30, 2017

this weekend we did a whollllle lot of nothing. and by nothing i mean… nothing. i attempted to do things but even that turned in to nothing. i pretty much spent the weekend snuggling otto at my parents cottage binge watching “this is us” and not believing that otto is three months old already.

in some ways it feels like he has been here so much longer. we have had such a journey so far but then i think back to when we had him it feels like just yesterday. certainly not 3 months ago. we have had him for a quarter of a year already and that is just insane to me.

i was deep thinking in the shower last night (be honest isn’t that where all deep thoughts come from?) and i was just remembering moments of the day he was born. i can still remember the sterile smells of the OR, the yellow curtains and orangish walls of the recovery room sitting in there frantically waiting to go see my baby. the eerie feeling of being rolled into the NICU with the realization that i didn’t know which baby was mine. i didn’t have his cry memorized, i had a 30 second visual of his face. it was a panicky feeling. i think that is why i rarely left his side while we were in the NICU.

i remember the day we took him home and all three of us just crashed in the living room on a cold rainy afternoon. and now here we are. one heart surgery down, recovering, growing and prepping for the next one. the first came so much sooner than we had expected but i’m grateful he’s such a new baby. if we can just make it to the second one and have a successful round two i can’t even imagine what he will be like.


he’s a bit fussier than he used to be but i think it’s just because he’s so much more alert and awake. he has the ng tube because he’s still not able to do all of his oral feedings but you know what? it’s working and getting him big and strong.

this weekend we went to my parents cottage because they offered to do his night feedings one night. we eneded up staying the entire weekend. it was cold and rainy and we just didn’t feel like going anywhere. i went to check on our cottage in pentwater and i was supposed to be meeting a builder to work on some projects. however i told him 11 and wrote down 1 and he forgot so were even haha. so basically my mom, otto and i drove to pentwater and back. all was not lost though we took the drive back to their cottage along the lakeshore and looked at homes (love doing that) and all of the changing leaves. it was a gorgeous drive. we ended up at the cheese lady to get some snacks for the night (the guys were hunting/working on the hunting property) so it was a cheese filled girls night + otto.

sunday morning the sun was actually out so we bundled up and went for a walk by the lake and down some trails before packing up and heading home. how did nobody force me to watch this is us?!?! i seriously watched 12 episodes straight this weekend. i must get to season two. it’s hard to do though when you don’t have wifi at your house. that makes for some pretty expensive data streaming from your phone haha.

we have another big week of appointments so it was really nice to just have a restful snuggly week together.

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