Flowers & Roses

i love fall. it’s here. it’s here to stay for a few days until winter comes barging in unannounced and i am soaking it up. i love squash, i love early fall tomatoes and i love love love my fall flowers. the garden is still in full bloom as other plants seem to be winding […]


Farm & Garden

the weatherman actually used the term “oppressive” this morning when describing the humidity for this week. he wasn’t kidding. it’s literally sticky outside (and inside because we have all the windows open). this is about the only time i wish we had air conditioning. i can tolerate heat but it is when the air is […]

late summer flowers

Farm & Garden

so many of you have inquired about starting a flower garden so i thought i would do a little write up on how i started my (first) official flower garden. in the past i have stuck to more bulb type flowers (dahlias and glads) but i had always admired my friend danns amazing array of […]

how to start a flower garden

Farm & Garden