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September 7, 2016

the weatherman actually used the term “oppressive” this morning when describing the humidity for this week. he wasn’t kidding. it’s literally sticky outside (and inside because we have all the windows open). this is about the only time i wish we had air conditioning. i can tolerate heat but it is when the air is heavy that i wouldn’t mind finding a big bag of money to install it. we also closed the pool for the season so that doesn’t really help much either.

i think the worst part of the humidity though is the bugs. the mosquitos are swarming around anything and everything. last night at the shop i went to take the garbage out to the back and got attacked all over my neck and back and face. once i got home i quick went out to the garden to pick some flowers and it was just insane how many bites i got. like i counted 50 total bites all over my body. crazy.

i’m willing to battle the ‘skeeters though because my late summer flowers are gorgeous. despite the weeds and the lack of rain they are doing awesome. my zinnias are blooming and celosia is finally popping up. cosmos, dahlias and amaranth are in full bloom and the bouquets are stunning and i feel sometimes like i live in a fairytale getting to go and pick them every night. that is until i get savagely ripped apart by a pack of raging mosquitos.

i think the reason i love my garden so much other than the fresh produce, life lessons and an opportunity for peace and quiet is that it makes me learn. i love reading up on my plants and seeing the best way to extend their vase life (what time to pick them, what to strip off them, some you burn the end of the stems) it’s really fascinating.

i purchased all of my seeds from and and they have performed like nothing i have ever planted before. has anyone else planted a little flower garden? what did you plant? post some pictures!

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