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September 14, 2016

i love fall. it’s here. it’s here to stay for a few days until winter comes barging in unannounced and i am soaking it up. i love squash, i love early fall tomatoes and i love love love my fall flowers. the garden is still in full bloom as other plants seem to be winding down. i can pretty much go out each morning and pick fresh bouquets. there is nothing better than fresh flowers on your kitchen table. they just make you smile.

in this bouquet is a few new things i’ve planted for this years garden. of course you have your zinnias but i picked up some awesome new colors from floret flowers. those peachy salmon ones are gorgeous and really change up my standard bouquet (which is usually always pink). the long grainy looking flowers are amaranth and i’ve planted them in both orange/rust and a bright fuchsia.   i had just a few gladiolas pop up through the clay so i added those to the mix. and last but not least a few sprigs of cosmos to add a bit of light hearted texture. 
last but not least the dahlias. i planted them in two separates areas one in a garden bed with treated soil ( i added top soil, dairy doo and lime) and then i planted some straight into my clay mix soil with some lime. the ones in the garden bed are definitely outdoing the ones planted straight into the ground. the ones in the ground are about a good two weeks behind the ones in the garden bed. my favorite of the dahlias this year are of course the cafe au lait. you can’t beat that super light creamy pink bloom.

thank you so much to everyone who wrote in yesterday. it means a lot to me that you are understanding where i’m coming from. thank you for accepting me for who i am and what i’m feeling at the moment. i appreciate your support for my tough times in between the flower and food posts. we can all grow and learn from each other and i will never take for granted this little community.

xxoo ab 

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Love, love, love these–so beautiful (and hooray for fall!).

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