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December 21, 2020

It started with hauling out a faux Christmas tree back in November that was way too big for this room. Otto was begging to put up a Christmas tree but it was too early to get the real one that we put in our living room. We went to the pole barn and I tossed it down from the loft. I thought I was pretty smart using a handmade pulley system fashioned out of an extension cord and the railing. My short stint with 8th grade science olympiad really paid off there.
We hauled the tree up the bedroom with the flocking from the tree going everywhere only to find that it was way too wide for the corner space we had set aside for it. Guess who didn’t care? Otto. Guess who doesn’t sleep on that side of the bed? Otto. Guess who still sleeps with us in our bed? Otto. Guess who folds like a napkin when it comes to certain parenting situations? Me. That’s a story and a situation for a different day. Today’s problem solving was all about the too big tree in the too small space.
Otto didn’t want to lose the lights and to be honest the warm glow of Christmas lights is lovely but every time Joe got out of bed he bumped the tree only to send more flocking fuzz everywhere. That’s when I decided the tree had to go. We took it to the shop to use for an ornament display much to Otto’s disappointment. But hey, that’s showbiz baby. We still go to the shop to “check on our tree” from time  to time.

Holiday Tour Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom with Pink and White poinsettias

I wasn’t ready to give up on not decorating this space. It’s where we spend 30% of our time in this house (living room, kitchen, master bedroom). It’s also one of the warmest rooms in the winter (drafty old farmhouse life). This spring when we are in renovation mode we are going to put one of the gas fireplace inserts hopefully in here because I’m not going to light a real fire in my bedroom.

I bought a long strand of garland from the holland farmers market and draped it over the mantle. I kept with the theme of not moving my original decor but rather incorporating Christmas in. This painting I bought during a visit to Blue Door Antiques in Grand Rapids. I loved her accessories and she told me to take her home. That’s why I end up with so many paintings, they speak to me.

From there this area started to take on a life of it’s own.

Holiday Tour Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom with Pink and White Stockings

I saw these lovely dusty colored pink poinsettias in the window of Stems marketplace and loved the way they looked with the fresh garland. I bought a mix of sizes and then… realized how much I actually love pink poinsettias at the holidays. The are hearty and don’t need a lot of TLC and compared to other plants are super cheap. I think the small pink poinsettias were only a couple of dollars. When I was unpacking all of my vintage Christmas I found a vintage poinsettia sign I bought at the allegan flea market two years previous and kept forgetting to put out.

I remember when I bought it. It was hot and sunny and it was at the end of the market. I walked my treasures to my car and thought I would visit one of my favorite booths one last time. I stopped in and saw a bucket of these vintage floral shop signs but they were for the end of my market day..a bit over what I wanted to spend. When my market cash pile gets smaller, I get pickier. Luckily my pal Liz was with me and like any good friend told me if I didn’t get it, it would haunt me. I knew she was right so I coughed up the $40 tucked it under my arm and was on my way.

Vintage brick farmhouse fireplace

My living room has my plaid stockings from Fabric Scout but I fell in love when The Collected (also a vendor at The Found Cottage) posted these pink stockings she made out of wool blankets on instagram. They matched my pink poinsettias too perfectly to leave behind. On another farmers market trip I stopped into my friend Spring Sweets shop and picked up this stunning beaded garland. I like the layered texture it added to the stockings.
The final installment was the remote controlled candles that I mixed in to give us the glow of Christmas lights. They have a timer so they turn on every night at 6pm and shut off at 11pm. It’s so relaxing to fall asleep to the soft glow of faux battery operated candles. (I’m not even kidding, peace of mind that they automatically shut off and won’t set your house ablaze).
The next and final installment of the holiday house tour will be the living room. I have to clean all the paw patrol toys out first. In the meantime check out my collections in the cocktail lounge and formal dining room.

Vintage 1800s oil painting with garland Vintage Poinsettia Sign from the allegan flea market in Michigan Vintage Stocking made from wool blankets Vintage Poinsettias Sign Victorian Style Beaded Gray Garland over the mantle

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  1. Jenny says:

    It’s so pretty the beads make the sign…I’m it’s all so good.

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your home with us this season. It’s beautiful! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    I love your style! I also enjoyed reading this blog post. I usually just see ya on the IG. You’ve got the gift of the written word! Thanks for the inspiration!

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