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December 18, 2020

My final gift guide of the holiday season is gift ideas for grandparents. I keep a notepad in my car so I can jot down ideas (not while actively driving) when I hear of an idea on the radio/podcast or something comes into my head. Many of these gift ideas come from a place of preservation. I want to have the memories from my grandparents so I can tell them to Otto someday. Before Covid ruined a get togethers we were sitting outside with Joe’s grandma talking about flowers. Whenever I bring in roses from my garden Joe says, you should have seen my grandma’s roses. I then respond well you should have seen MY grandmas roses. I’m not kidding when I say this  conversation happens once a week in the summer.

Anyway, we were talking about flowers with Joe’s grandma and she began telling us the store about the time Joe’s late grandpa planted tulips behind their garage and spelled out his grandma’s name in them. I thought that was the sweetest story and what a great memory to have of Joe’s grandpa who has since passed on.

A few of these gift ideas are meant to capture those types of memories. Ones that only come up in casual conversations but hold a lot of  meaning. Most of them are under $100 and all are sentimental.

Christmas Cookies for Friends

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

  1. Skylight Frame Photo – My grandparents all have one of these in their homes and they love it. Why? Because they have to do zero tasks to get pictures on it. Each frame connects to wifi and has its own email address. Anyone who is given the email can send an email with photos attached and they automatically go onto the frame. There is no hooking to the computer, updating, etc. It is all done via email and automatic. My grandparents are in Florida and Arizona over the winter so this is a perfect option for them to get updated photos of our family.
  2. Custom Engraved Cutting Board – It’s a small and simple gift but one that you can create to hold a lot of meaning. I thought it would be special to have a family tree engraved or even a favorite bible verse. You can even put a special cookie recipe right on to the cutting board.
  3. StoryWorth Book – This service sends a weekly email prompt to gather stories and memories from the receiver. At the end of the year all of the stories go into a beautiful hardcover book and is sent to the author. If more family members or friends would like to have a copy they can be ordered starting at just $39.
  4. Birthday Month Flower Grow Kit – Small enough to fit right into the windowsill and made in the USA. This indoor grow kit blooms the flower for the selected birth month. A little bright and sunny cheer on these long winter days.
  5. Custom House Painting – Artwork is a great and thoughtful gift that does not take up a lot of space. My grandparents are all entrepreneurs and I thought it would be a fun gift idea to have their first workshop, place of businesses, or even their first home painted.
  6. Letterjoy Subscription – This is a gift for the history buff. Every week a physical reproduction of a historical letter or telegram written by a legendary figure in U.S. history arrives in your mailbox. How cool is that?! No technology required, no email address just a physical piece of mail once a week straight to their good old fashioned mailbox. From the birth of aviation to civil war spies each mail-piece covers a different chapter in the United States past. I wish this gift was around when my grandpa Bob was living, he would have loved this gift.

Simple Christmas cookies

The great thing about some of these gifts is they can still be ordered and delivered by Christmas. If all else fails what grandparent doesn’t love a box of homemade cookies. Otto and I have been baking up a storm this month giving cookies to friends and family. Well, trying at least. He eats them as fast as I can bake them.

Even though we all probably will not be able to be with our grandparents physically this holiday season thanks to garbage Covid, these gift ideas will hopefully brighten their spirits. What other gift ideas for grandparents have you come up with?

ps for my cookie recipe click here. 

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