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June Flea Market Finds Glassware With Original Labels

i’m gearing up to head to allegan flea market next weekend. (PS if you want to know where all the flea markets are subscribe to my flea market alert list or join my flea market insider group) i haven’t had a ton of luck in the past month but the more i’m out and about […]

June Allegan Flea Market Finds

House & Home

i was scrolling through my photos from earlier this month and i couldn’t believe i forgot to share my allegan finds! it’s almost time for the next allegan flea market and i thought not only should i share my finds with you, i should probably put them away. i finally bought a piece of furniture […]

may allegan flea market finds

House & Home

may allegan antique finds victorian chair, jadeite and ironstone

it’s flea market season in michigan! the allegan flea market had it’s season opener this weekend despite the random snow (two inches) that came down saturday night. however it was melted and gone by sunday afternoon and i was out and about on the hunt for treasure for both personal and shop. i found a […]

april allegan flea market finds

Style & Fashion

April Allegan Flea Market

what a weekend for markets! there were so many good ones going on! if you are not on my flea market email alerts list you can join here. we are all sharing our current weekend flea market hauls in my flea market insiders group. join the conversation here. the springfield antique extravaganza has been on […]

springfield antique market extravaganza haul

Style & Fashion

antique vintage clocks

It started with hauling out a faux Christmas tree back in November that was way too big for this room. Otto was begging to put up a Christmas tree but it was too early to get the real one that we put in our living room. We went to the pole barn and I tossed […]

Pink Poinsettias For Christmas in the Farmhouse Bedroom

House & Home

Vintage brick farmhouse fireplace

the only distinction for me right now between the week and weekend is having papa joe home with us. the days just seem to blur together and just like that otto turned a month old this weekend. joe and i decided it was time to get out of the house which is easier said than […]

weekend recap ottos first penthouse trip


let me begin this with saying that i’m ok, baby goldfish is ok, we’re all doing good today but just feeling a little sore and stiff. yesterday did NOT go as i had planned it to go. i mean few things ever really do but in this case. nope. i spent my morning before work […]

long weekend recap baby shower


i am a collector of way way way too many things. but there are a couple items i’ve been collecting for years and have not gotten sick of. 1. vintage glassware 2. jadeite 3. vintage table linens. all three you can still find out and about (although jadeite has become significantly harder in past years) […]

how to find vintage linens

House & Home

    i was going to show ya all of my holiday decor in one post but considering i’m posting 15 pictures of my mantle.. i thought best to divide it up even though i only decorated one room. it is kinda sad but totally in line with my personality that i would unpack all […]

my holiday vintage mantel

House & Home

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child get so excited over a new jute rug for his bedroom that he doesn’t even sleep in than Otto. When he walked into his bedroom after I put the rug down he yelled “MOM! Did you order this for me?! Thank you! I love it! It’s so […]

Otto’s New Bedroom Jute Rug

House & Home

Otto and his new Jute Rug for his gender neutral sheep bedroom

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go see Hamilton with Joe on a Sunday afternoon. We saw the show and had dinner together after which has not happened in a really long time. Don’t get me wrong we go out all the time but it’s typically with Otto and our conversation gets interrupted […]

Martha but make it Abby

House & Home

Vintage Antique IronStone Collection

We’ve talked about my hoarding collections before the trophies, the ironstone, the pyrex, the jadeite….. i could go on forever baby. i thought it would be fun to do a series of some tips and tricks i’ve learned over time to find specific items. Since I added a new lady to my wall i thought […]

How to Find Vintage Oil Paintings

Style & Fashion

How to find Vintage Oil Paintings at flea markets and antique stores.

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