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June 20, 2019

i was scrolling through my photos from earlier this month and i couldn’t believe i forgot to share my allegan finds! it’s almost time for the next allegan flea market and i thought not only should i share my finds with you, i should probably put them away.

i finally bought a piece of furniture from a market this year. lately i have only been buying small pieces but this chair was too good to pass up. it has beautiful etched wood drawings and needlepoint seat. it is in great condition and the guy selling it was selling this chair and a bunch of coins. he didn’t want to take it home so he practically gave it to me.

may allegan antique finds victorian chair, jadeite and ironstone

i also found a few pieces of jadeite. i haven’t found affordable jadeite in quite a while so I was super pleased to pick up a few pieces. the canister sets were not cheap but they also were not the typical $150 price tag. i’m still trying to research if my coffee one is a fake. it is as heavy as a my authentic ones and has the similar etchings but i still can’t be 100% sure. at $35 it was worth the risk. because even if this one is a reproduction it’s at least a good one.

i think my favorite finds though are these beautiful glass syrup bottles. they are very heavy and ornate and i just couldn’t help but be drawn to them. there was a bunch of them on a bargain table but i thought these three were the prettiest. i love the designs on the tops of them. one of them even has an anchor. they look so beautiful grouped together, i had to scoop them up.

a few other miscellaneous things rounded out my allegan finds for the month. i took a few things to our booth at the found cottage including the binoculars and the cute little clocks. it was fun to find homes for most of my new finds but this chair has two more weeks to find a spot in my house or it is heading to the shop. maybe. we’ll see.

what have you been finding out there lately on your flea market adventures?

see more of my allegan antique finds here .

may allegan antique finds victorian chair, jadeite and ironstone flea market finds may allegan antique finds victorian chair, jadeite and ironstone flea market finds

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